The Partiologist: DIY Candy Bars

DIY Candy Bars

I love my new candy mold...let me tell you just how much I love that mold.  When I went to put it with all my other Valentine molds, I already had one and I have no recollection of buying it.  That's not good, right?  After I made the candy, I decided to wrap it up for giving, or honestly, just to keep me from eating it.  You'll notice I wrap everything...
Anyway, while wrapping the candy bars, I saw a vision for a football candy bar.  Only I couldn't wrap a valentine bar with a football wrapper, right?   So I made the Valentine candy bar with the mold and wrapped a Hershey bar for the Super Bowl. 
DIY Valentine Candy Bar

I was thrilled to pieces it worked.
You know, now that I have two molds.
Is this not the cutest bar?
But what about the Hershey bar?
I have to say, I loved the football wrapper, don't you?
But let's focus on the Valentine bar.
It's a candy bar you can make with any filling or no filling at all.
I chose to make a Chocolate bar filled with Rice Krispies.
So simple, you can make it too!
And you can package it any way you like.
Here's the process~
Like I said, it started with the mold found at Michaels.
Melt 8 oz. chocolate.  Give or take a few bites.
Cover the bottom with the chocolate, drizzle and spread into each cavity.
I wanted to cover the bottom with chocolate so the design would show up.
Add 1 cup of Rice Krispie cereal to the remaining chocolate.
Spoon the mixture into the mold.
After the molds are filled with the Rice Krispie mixture, melt more chocolate.
Cover the Rice Krispie mixture with the chocolate to seal.
Freeze until completely firm.
Carefully pop out of the mold.
Cut the bar to have a bite.
Or several bites.
To stop yourself from taking too many more bites, wrap the bar in foil, design side down.
Wrap the sides, just like you would a gift because this is sort of a gift.
Use scrap book paper to make the wrapper for the chocolate bar.
Cut to size (4" x 8 1/2").
Wrap around the candy bar and close with tape.
I decorated the top by punching red hearts out of cardstock.
I made an arrow with my Cricut.
What?  You don't have a Cricut?  I strongly suggest you get one, you will love it!
Anyway, tape the arrow on the candy bar and add the heart to the top.
Stack 'em up.
Now on to something simple to create for the Super Bowl.
You know all that 50 Yard Line info I gave you? 
If you missed it, check it out HERE.
I've got another treat using the golden 50.
So easy because I used a Hershey bar.
Wouldn't they be the perfect favor for your super bowl party?
Just take a large Hershey's bar, remove the wrapper.
Cover with stripe scrapbook paper.
Wrap a 3" green strip of cardstock around the bar.
Add a 1/4" white strip of cardstock to the center.
Cut a number 50 out of gold cardstock with your Cricut.
See, I told you, you'll love your Cricut.
All that chocolate is my kind of Fantasy Football!
More Football Fun!


  1. Such fun ideas, I think I could even make these! Thanks for sharing. Cindi

    1. Of course you could make these, they were so easy! :)

  2. Well, I do not like candy bars...but I believe I would love these!!
    HOME MADE...yummmmmmmmmmmm


  3. I love your creativity! And your packaging is adorable!

    1. It's all about the packaging, right? Sometimes I buy stuff just because it's packaged so cute!

  4. What a cute mold and what a scrumptious bar you have made with it! LOve the packaging on both of your sweet treats!

    1. I must have really loved that mold too, because I bought two of them...LOL Thanks for the comment!

  5. These are so adorable. I have that same mold but never got around to use this year. Maybe next year.
    Hope you are doing well.

    1. Thank you Hani, get that mold out next year for sure! I'll probably buy another one, forgetting I already have it and end up with three molds!


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