The Partiologist: Moss Covered Chocolate Bunnies!

Moss Covered Chocolate Bunnies!

You have got to see what I did with my chocolate bunnies.  Besides eat them...okay, I haven't eaten them yet, but their days are numbered.  It helps they're so cute, I don't want to take a bite.  What I want to do, is show you because you're going to agree with me, I just know it.
What started out as a mini moss bunny, turned into the cutest moss bunny.  I'll tell you more about the mini moss bunnies in a minute, but for now let's focus on this little guy!
Moss Covered Chocolate Bunny!
He's a keeper don't you think, or should I say she's a keeper?
You can choose the sex of your bunny, just swap out the bow.
And underneath that layer of moss is an edible chocolate bunny!
Is this not the cutest, if not most clever bunny you've seen?
Let me show you how~
Thanks to Mike of SemiSweet Designs, his graham cracker moss can be used on anything!
Start with a box of graham cracker crumbs, or crush your own.
Pour the crumbs into a bowl and add dark green food color.
Continue adding color until and mix until you have dark green graham cracker crumbs.
Find a nice plump chocolate bunny.
Unwrap the bunny and try and refrain from eating it.
Pour a little Karo syrup into  a small bowl.
Grab your paint brush, you are about to become an artist.
Start painting the bunny ears with Karo syrup.
Once a small portion is covered in syrup, hold the bunny over a paper plate and immediately sprinkle with the moss graham cracker crumbs.
Continue covering the bunny with Karo syrup and moss.
Once it is completely covered, add the eye and bow.
This is where you get to decide the sex of your bunny.
I went with a little girl because I wanted to use a pink bow.
Add a bit of frosting to the back of the bow and royal icing eye.
Stick them both on the bunny.
You might need to add more frosting to the back of the bow to get it to stick.
I just love when the d├ęcor is your dessert!
Remember the mini bunnies I was telling you about?
Oh yea, these little guys are chocolate bunnies on a stick!
Using the same technique, you can make chocolate bunny lollipops!
Use the strongest willpower you have not to eat the chocolate bunnies.
Unwrap the bunny, hold with the foil and poke a hole in the bottom with a wooden skewer.
Add the lollipop stick.
This time it's easy to hold the bunny by the stick and begin painting with Karo syrup.
Sprinkle the moss on the bunny while holding over a paper plate.
Pipe frosting on the back of the bow and eye and add to the bunny.
Slide a straw over the stick.

Wouldn't you love to see these hopping down your bunny trail?

What fun it is when simple and adorable are used in the same sentence.
Sometimes it doesn't happen.  Today it did.
I guarantee every bunny will love this little guy.
It was a Good Hare Day!


  1. So incredible, I LOVE this idea!! Cindi

  2. This is simply adorable. So creative!
    Sinea ♥

  3. Amazing! I love the littles!

    1. Aww, thanks Sue, they're even cuter in person! :)

  4. #mossbunniesforpresident!!!!!!!! :>O :>D

  5. Ohmygosh Kim - your creativity never ceases to amaze me!!

  6. What a fun way to change up a chocolate Easter bunny. I totally agree with Rose. You are so incredibly creative and your page is always so fun to visit.

    1. WOW! You just made my day, so happy you have fun visiting my page!!

  7. I am amazed! I saw your adorable bunnies on facebook the other day and fell in love with them. I simply "moss" have one! Plus, how many cool things can we make with this "awesome moss"! :o)

    1. Thank you so much, I love the look and now I'm wanting to cover everything in moss! :)

  8. Love this idea! Pops are so cute too :)

  9. WoW !! Very cute chocolate covered bunnies
    I like your ideas
    Its creative and adorable

  10. What an adorable idea! I will be sure to try this one! Thank you for sharing it. :)

    I just have to point out a typo though: You wrote, "What started out as a mini moss bunny, turned into the cutest moss bunny. Did you mean to say "What started out as a mini chocolate bunny..."?

    1. Thank you Tammi! Actually I did mean to say mini MOSS bunny because it was covered in edible moss! :) My mind always is thinking outside the box, or should I say bunny? LOL


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