The Partiologist: Shabby Chic Oreo's!

Shabby Chic Oreo's!

While working on the party, the Oreo's sat undecorated for a while.  With so many options, I didn't know which way to turn.  Roses, lace, sprinkles, hand painted...the list goes on and on.  Who knew an Oreo could cause so much excitement, besides eating them of course.
Finally it came time to make a decision and stick to it.  Sometimes (okay most of the time) I say, oh I should of, or I could of, but this time I decided to got for it and not look back.  Then the little shabby chic bunting Oreo's were created.
Shabby Chic Oreo's
Once they were covered in chocolate, I added fondant for the bunting.
I purchased two framed F's, because my plan was to print out ifty and abulous and place the wording on top of the frame, saying Fifty and Fabulous.  But once the cookies were on the frame, you couldn't read any of it. 
Yea, I didn't think that one through. 
But the frame did make a pretty display for the cookies though.  I wonder if anyone even noticed the F after the cookies were gone?
How about I move on from the frame and on to the cookies?
Melt the candy melts in any color you wish your OREO to be.
I wanted a soft pink, not a baby pink but a shabby pink.
Fill the Oreo mold, coating both the sides and the bottom.
Place the Oreo inside the chocolate, cover with more chocolate and refrigerate.
Once the chocolate has set, flip the mold over and remove the Oreo's.
Roll and cut several strips of white fondant with a #2 Strip cutter.
Place the white strip across the top of the Oreo in a curve.
Roll out a piece of blue fondant and make small stripes across the fondant with a blue edible marker.
Take a mini triangle cutter and cut several pennants.
Add the blue triangles to the Oreo's.
Next roll a piece of pink fondant and make several dots with a red edible marker.
Cut more triangles and add to the Oreo.
Then you make your yellow triangle.
This time you'll have to use your imagination because I forgot to take photos.
Not only would they be pretty for a Shabby Chic party, how about spelling MOM for Mother's Day?
Hmmm, maybe I should have...oh wait, not going there.
Anyway, pretty shabby don't you think?
Hope your Oreo's are Shabby and Chic,
or Fifty and Fabulous!


  1. You settled on just the right design. This idea could be used for any occasion by changing up the colors. Using a frame to serve them in, was so clever, even if you can't see the "F" really well. I have to remember this when I have a party.

    1. Thank you Beth, happy you liked the frame idea even if my original plan didn't work! :)

  2. Awww- these OREOs are SO cute!! I recently did a cake with bunting - these would match perfectly!!

  3. Yes..pretty shabby! Love your bunting design and the idea to spell out MOM for her upcoming special day. :)

  4. Cutest Oreos ever! I love the pink and the bunting! ;)


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