The Partiologist: Edible Rose Topiary Trees!

Edible Rose Topiary Trees!

Today's the day you'll want to see what I have in store for you.  If I could choose a favorite from the party, this might be it, although I may have several favorites from the party.  Not only were they perfect for a Shabby Chic party, they would be an adorable addition to your mother's day table.  You haven't forgotten Mom have you?
When I found the tiny little pots, I fell in love, everything miniature is the cutest, right? You didn't know they make flower pots so small did you?  I'm not sure what they are for, probably gardening or something.  Now, let's get this straight, you know my terra cotta pots will never be filled with anything that actually grows...just say'in.  Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let me show you what I planted...or should I say baked?
Edible Rose Topiary Trees

And the filling in the pot is edible as well as the top.

Because it's a cake pop!

Or should I say cake pot?

Serious gardening here.

Grab your tools and let's get started.

These are the tiny little pots I was telling you about.

I decided to make sure a mini muffin cup would fit.  Yep, they fit.

Then I made my cake balls, put them in the muffin cup and then in the pot.

Melt some chocolate, any chocolate you have on hand.

Pour over the cake ball.

Immediately, top the cake ball with edible moss, remember the edible moss invented by Mike of Semi Sweet?

If not, check it out HERE.

Next it's time to make the rose topiary tree.

Start by sticking a wooden skewer into the chocolate and then into the cake ball.

Stick the flat end into the cake ball and leave the pointed end out.  It will be easier to stick through the chocolate and into the cake that's in the terra cotta pot.

Dip the entire cake ball into the chocolate.

Immediately sprinkle with the graham cracker moss.

Set all the topiary trees aside.

My little cake pop holder comes in handy!

You can always use Styrofoam.

Now we'll add the roses.

Fill a pastry bag with pink buttercream frosting and a #18 Wilton decorating tip.

Make a swirl for the rose.

Fill another pastry bag with green buttercream frosting and a #349 for the leaves.

Add the leaves beside the swirl rose.

Make sure when you make your rose swirl, to have enough pressure to get it to stick to the moss.

If not, see those little roses on the counter?  Well, those are some of the ones that dropped off.

Once all the roses have bloomed on the cake pop, stick the topiary tree into the terra cotta pot.

Hot glue a little fabric ribbon to the wooden skewer.

Now you have your topiary tree garden.

But what if you want to transport them?

No worries, I've got you covered!

An egg carton makes the perfect container for traveling!

Here they are displayed on the shelf.  That perfect shelf for the party.

 And the perfect tree for the shelf!
This is just a sneak peak of the party table, so many sweets to enjoy, I want you to savor the moment.
Plus I've given you enough time to plant a few topiary trees for mom too!


  1. FAB-U-LOUS!!! Kim, just an amazing idea and beautiful execution!!

  2. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. These are incredible and so perfect for a shabby chic party and equally wonderful for Mother's Day.

    1. Thnak you Beth, I love when I can amaze someone! :)

  3. Every time I see your stuff I think "oh that is my favorite thing you have made!" Today I know this is my favorite thing! Absolutely adorable!!!!

    1. You're so sweet, I'm happy these are your favorite...I think they're mine too!

  4. These are the most ingenious cake pops in the world! WOW!


  5. Clever, original, and inventive...These are marvelous! Thanks for

  6. These are truly some of your most beautiful works of art! Not to say I haven't seen hundreds of other wonderful creations by the Partiologist! You are truly blessed with a talent many of us wish we had!

    Lovely, absolutely lovely! Colleen

  7. hey your topiary trees should get together with my topiary bunny trees i made in the never mind your trees would outshine mine any day! :>D

    1. Oh Lisa! I think our topiary trees would have a great time hanging out together!!

  8. Absolutely stunning! You even managed to make transporting the topiaries adorable. I can't wait to see the rest! :)

    1. Thank you so much! It made it so easy to transport them in the egg cartons.

  9. such great idea! I'm stealing this idea! :D

    1. So happy you are going to do a little gardening yourself! :)

  10. Truly jaw dropping!!!! What else can I say that hasn't been said. These are a work of art and no detail was missed. Your creativity is unstoppable. I think these are one of the most creative things you have ever made. Definitely at the top of my favorites list. from, twobeautifulgirls

    1. Thanks, I do believe they are at the top of my favorites list too!


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