The Partiologist: Sno Cone Cookies!

Sno Cone Cookies!

Good Morning and welcome to summer vacation.  In the eyes of my husband, I'm always on summer vacation...for the record, I'm not.  How could he possibly know every time I hear the garage door open, I start cleaning or begin to toast a bagel and by toasting a bagel I mean preparing his dinner.  I do mix it up once in awhile, the choices of bagels are endless.  
Hmmm, maybe I am always on summer vacation.  Anyways, summer vacation includes sno cones, right?  Today I'm making the non drippy version of the sno cone, the cookie sno cone.
Sno Cone Cookies!
The Partiologist Sno Cone Cookies
So how would you like to make sno cone cookies for your summer vacation?
They kind of look like the real deal, don't they?

Or maybe not, my husband thought they were balloons. 

Please tell me they don't look like balloons.
When I decided to make the sno cone cookies, I realized I didn't have a sno cone cookie cutter.
And when I don't have a cutter that I need, like right now, you know what I do?
Make it!
Over the years I've made a ton of cookie cutters and it's really easier than you would think.
After I made the cutter, I went on to bake and decorate the cookies.

More about the cutter later, let's get back to the cookies.

Once the cutter was made, the cookies were cut and baked, I filled a tip less piping bag with royal icing.

Outline the bottom of the cookie for the cone and fill in with the icing.

Set aside until all the cookies have the white cone base and are dry.

After the white has dried, it's time to airbrush a little stripe on the cone.

I used a silver sheen airbrush color and my Duff Airbrush.

The stencil is from one of my favorite stencil designers The Cookie Countess and you can find the stencil HERE.

After you stencil the lines on all the cones, it's time to add the top.

I used coarse sanding sugar for the top of the cookie, yellow, blue and red.

(Do you notice the matching bottles?  Yes, this spring we had a huge snow storm and I was without power for 8 hours.  I turned on the fireplace and organized sprinkles for 8 hours straight.  No summer vacation here!  I had just ordered the empty spice jars (great timing) and turned them into matching sprinkle jars.  If anyone is interested, I'll show you the final result.)

Begin by piping two yellow stripes down the middle of the cookie with a Wilton #46 decorating tip.

Sprinkle the middle part with the yellow sanding sugar.

I'm not kidding, I thought I took a photo of the yellow being sprinkled, only to find I have about 17 photos of the red being sprinkled.

Anyway, once the yellow center strips are sprinkled with sugar, add 2 blue strips on the side and sprinkle just the blue with blue sanding sugar.

Then continue piping the red on the other side and sprinkle with red sanding sugar.

Now, more about the cutter...

Could I interest you in the making of a cookie cutter? 

If so, I might just make a tutorial showing you how easy it is to make your own cutter.

For now, enjoy a sno cone cookie!

Circus not included!


  1. Awesome! Christine S.

  2. Those cookies couldn't be more fun!

  3. Adorable, simply adorable and they won't drip on your hands!!!


  4. I would love to see how you make the cutter and your matching sprinkles. The snow cone cookies are too cute.

    1. Stay tuned, I'll soon be posting the DIY cookie cutter!

  5. These would be a perfect way to start off summer or great for a summer BBQ. So realistic (they do NOT look like balloons)! My girls would love these. from, twobeautifulgirls

  6. if those look like balloons to your husband then i wanna be in balloon land with you guys eating these cookies that totally look like snow cones :)

    1. I would love to live in balloon land with you! :)

  7. Ooh, I just love the fun colors! They truly look like SnoCones!

    1. Thank you Emma, I'm happy you think they truly look like Sno Cones! :)

  8. I too would love to know how you made the cutter! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you Amy,stay tuned, working on the cutter tutorial now!

  9. These are so cute!! Will make these for my grandkids. I have a million cookie cutters and I think I have an ice cream cone one that will turn out like this. Great idea.

    1. I sure hope you have fun making the sno cone cookies!


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