The Partiologist: Decorated Take Home Box!

Decorated Take Home Box!

Obviously, I love making sweet things cute, it's my favorite part of preparing for a party.  This party was no exception, in fact I think I had more sweets then any party before.
It's been a tradition, because I make so many sweets, I let my guests take a few sweets home to enjoy with their family.  In the past, I've used recycled containers from all the take out (a lot of take out because I'm busy making all the sweets).  This time I decided to decorate little boxes for each guest to fill and take home. 
Decorated Take Home Boxes!

And again, I made 36 of the boxes.
Now I know why I usually use recycled take home containers!

After the champagne toast was made and the birthday games were played, I announced everyone was a winner and brought out the boxes, telling them to fill with sweets to take home.
Here's a little tutorial on how I put them together.

Yes, I made Thirty. Six. 

Someone hit me, to knock some sense into me before I do something that crazy again.
I gathered my paper punches, two size flowers.
Another punch with three size tags.
I only used one size to punch out brown craft paper that had been printed with 50's.
It was a little challenging to make sure each 50 would fit in the middle of the tag.
Then I used the next size larger punch and punched out flowered cardstock.
I did the same with the two sizes of flower punches.
Making the larger flower from the craft paper and the smaller flower from the floral cardstock.
I wrote a little poem to stick on the box using a pink label from Online Labels HERE.
I placed the two together and hot glued them to the box.
Filling each center with a wooden button.
Once I handed out the boxes, it wasn't long before my kitchen was wiped clean. 
The boxes were overflowing with treats.

The party is over,
but the fun doesn't end...
Please take home some treats
to celebrate our friend...
50th Birthday

Yes, the party is OVER!


  1. WOW! You sure went to a lot of work for this party, everything was fabulous! Cindi

  2. someone needs to get you a giant box of treats just for you filled with things like a ticket to BoraBora so you can relax under a palm tree! although i'm one to make 36 decorated boxes too & would probably lose my mind if i just had a palm tree to look at! ;>O

    1. Ha ha Lisa, my friend who went to Bora Bora said it was bora boring. I guess I would be willing to find out for myself though!! LOL :)


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