The Partiologist: DIY Ribbon Wands!

DIY Ribbon Wands!

When thinking of ways to make the birthday girl feel special on her big day, ribbon wands came to mind... like the kind kids play with, only on a smaller scale.  Being there is a kid locked inside of me, it wasn't long before I created enough wands for each guest to wave after a toast of champagne.
DIY Ribbon Wands! 
These ribbons can make you feel like a kid again. 

Although now that I think about it, I never had a ribbon wand as a child.
Better late than never, right?
Each wand was topped with a tiny bell, which didn't make near enough noise as I wanted.
But it sure made a cute topper.
Do you want to make one too?
The supplies needed are 12" dowel rods.
Tiny gold bells.

Pink, ivory and blue ribbon.
Glue the ribbons (with hot glue gun) to the top of the dowel rod. 
Add the string of pearls and the twine.
Once everything is glued to the top, tie a piece of ribbon around the top.
Glue the bell on the top of the ribbon.
And now you've got yourself a ribbon wand.
They could possibly be magic wands. 
I'm pretty sure something had cast a spell on me to make thirty six of these.
Ribbon Wands...

Do they Ring Your Bell?

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