The Partiologist: Eyeball Cupcakes!

Eyeball Cupcakes!

I really didn't plan to make anything too creepy this Halloween.  But I went shopping.  Shopping always leads to a purchase I didn't plan.  Trust me when I say, I didn't have bloody eye gumballs on my shopping list.  And I can't help it if I didn't stick to the plan.

Anyway, I found creepy eye gumballs, making the perfect topper for the cupcakes.
Eyeball Cupcakes!

See what I mean?
The perfect topper for the bloody cupcakes.
And I made the perfect wrapper for the cupcakes.
So if you're ready to venture off your plan, you can make these too.

Here's how~
Start with a cake mix, Jell-O and the creepy eyeballs, found at Target.
Follow the recipe on the back and make sure you use the egg white recipe.
This way your cupcake batter stays super white.
Fill cupcake liners with the batter and bake according to directions.
After they come out of the oven, let them cool.
Remember the Jell-O poke cake your mom used to make when you were growing up?
That's what this is.  Only cupcakes.
Poke holes in the cupcakes using a lollipop stick.
Make the Jell-O topping.
Pour the warm Jell-O over the top of the cupcakes, making sure it gets into the holes.
To add to the gore, splatter white cupcake wrappers with a paint brush and food color.
Wear plastic gloves or your hands will be bloody red.
Place a cupcake in each liner and frost with white frosting.
Just spread it on with a spatula.
For the blood, I used Wilton red sparkle gel.
I dripped it on and placed the eyeball in the middle.
Then I decided to spread the red gel around.
Making it look a little more gory.

Eyeball Cupcakes

by The Partiologist

  • 1 box white cake mix
  • 1 box (3 oz. serving size) Jell-O cherry-flavored gelatin
  • 3/4 cup boiling water
  • 1 container white frosting
  • 1 tube Wilton red decorating gel
  • creepy gumballs
Bake cake according to directions, using the egg white recipe.
Fill cupcake liners with batter and bake according to directions.
Remove from oven and cool.
Poke several holes in the cupcakes using a lollipop stick.
Dissolve Jell-O with 3/4 cup boiling water.
Stir until Jell-O has dissolved.
Pour warm Jell-O over the top of the cupcakes.
Frost the top of the cupcakes with the white frosting.
Drizzle with red piping gel and top with gumball.
And then I had to see if my plan worked.
Just like it used to work for mom.
It worked!
But was it on the other side?
For blog purposes, I took another bite.
And another bite.
Sometimes it's good to venture away from the plan.
It's a wee bit wicked.


  1. I love how the cupcakes look bloody throughout and how you splattered red onto the cupcake wrappers. So cool and creepy!

    1. Thanks Beth, when I was making them I was thinking how great they would have been at one of your parties!

  2. Oh, how I love your creativity! CHEERON!


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