The Partiologist: Game Day Pennants!

Game Day Pennants!

Have you heard of the fifth season?  You know, Football season?  Yes, it's time to get ready and cheer for your favorite team, no matter when or where.  Wilton has everything to make your team a success, or at least your party.
Game Day Pennants
Do you know what the pennants are topped with?  Are you guessing fondant?  Well, you're wrong.  It's candy clay made with Wilton Candy Melts. 
It looks like fondant, only tastes like chocolate.
Now that's a dream come true.

Recipe for Candy Clay HERE.

And you can choose your favorite team colors because Wilton candy melts come in a huge assortment of colors!

Blue and orange candy melts worked for me.
The Wilton candy melts and Karo syrup are the only two ingredients you'll need.
Pour one bag of Wilton candy melts into a microwave safe bowl and melt at half power, 30 intervals until completely melted.
Let the Wilton candy melts cool to 91 degrees F. before adding 1/4 cup Karo syrup.
Gently fold until combined.  Pour onto surface and cover with plastic wrap.
(Do NOT scrap the sides when pouring onto the surface or your candy clay will be lumpy.  Don't ask me how I know.)
While the candy clay is firming up, it's time to make the rice krispie treats.
Start by spraying a jelly roll pan with pam.
Mix a batch of Rice Krispie Treats.
Press into pan, using your hand (I run my hand under cold water, shake off excess and press.  This way the sticky RKT doesn't stick to your hand.)
Once the RKT has set, remove from pan.
You can just cut free hand or make a paper template.
You guessed it, I made a template.  I folded a recipe card in half and cut at an angle.
I figured this would save me from eating all the misshapen pennants.
Place the template over the RKT and cut to size.
I used the orange candy clay to demonstrate on my super smooth blue Wilton mat.
It worked perfect for rolling out the orange candy clay.
Lift the piece of candy clay and place on top of the RKT.
Draping the candy clay down the sides.
Gently, roll across the bottom with a pizza cutter to trim the edge.
Next, melt more blue Wilton candy melts.
Dip the edge of the pennant into the Wilton candy melts and while holding over a paper plate, immediately sprinkle with colored sprinkles.
I mixed orange, blue and white dragees together.
Using Wilton letter cutters, cut YAY! & GO! out of the candy clay.
Add to the top of each pennant by brushing a bit of water to the back.
Turn your pennants over.
Cut out a V shaped piece of candy clay, with a cutter or with a knife.
Place a drop of melted Wilton candy melts on the back of the V and press onto the side of the pennant.
Add the lollipop stick to the back of the RKT with Wilton candy melts.
You can even cover your lollipop stick with a straw for a little more color.

Go Team!


  1. Super cute, I love RKT any way shape or form! Cindi

  2. These sure would be fun to fly in the air or maybe just into my belly. Any way you slice it these are a winner!!! from, twobeautifulgirls

  3. These are so great! I'm a Broncos fan so the blue and orange is perfect for me!
    Love it!


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