The Partiologist: Birthday Truffles!

Birthday Truffles!

Do you know what makes a truffle a Birthday Truffle?  Candles of course.  Do you remember the Sunflower Island I created years ago?  Well, this is the same concept, only with daisies.  I mean, everyone needs to blow out a candle at a party, right?

Birthday Truffles

Now this is what you call a Daisy Birthday Truffle.

And because they are chocolate, I love them even more.

Looks like I put my gardening skills to good use!

Take a look~


I mixed yellow and white dragees for dipping the outside.

Find the Truffle Recipe Here.

Punch black cardstock for the base.

Let the fondant daisies dry overnight in flower former.

Almost time to celebrate.

Today is National Truffle Day, did you know?

Happy National Truffle Day!


  1. I love telling my friends about your blog. These turned out great! My son turned 7 this weekend and I made him your scotcharoo birthday treats with the Wilton mold. They turned out perfect... and then he wouldn't eat it!!! 😃. No matter! More for the rest of us!

    1. Your comment totally made my day, you are so sweet! So happy to hear you made the scotcharoo birthday treats and didn't have to share too many! LOL

  2. happy truffle day to the perfect truffle maker! oh i am honored to be in your presence :>D

    1. I am honored that you left me a comment, Happy Truffle Day to you too! :)

  3. Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe


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