The Partiologist: Daisy Oreo's!

Daisy Oreo's!

Are you ready for another Oreo treat?  I told you how I love daisies, right?  While planning the Daisy themed Sweet Sixteen, I started digging through my molds, pans and cutters to see what I had daisy shaped.  Let me tell you, I love daisies more than I ever knew or remembered and I hope you love them too.  This is the first of my hand picked daisy treats!

Daisy Oreo's

Everything is definitely coming up daisies.

I'll admit, these aren't the first ones I made.

I just figured out how to make them prettier and easier than I planned.

And I'm sure you love that, right?

Have you used an Oreo chocolate mold?  And have you seen the photos with the colors in just the right place?

Well, let me tell you, I can NOT, let me repeat, can NOT get the colors to stay in the perfect spot.

Maybe there is a trick, but I don't know it.

So I'm going to show you my trick.

Works every time.

Remember to click on the photos to enlarge.

I really love this Daisy Oreo mold, nice and sturdy.

Melt white white candy melts, fill the bottom of the mold and up the sides.

Add the Oreo to the mold.

Place in the freezer until solid and remove daisy from mold.

Fill a bag with yellow candy melts and melt.

Snip the end of the bag and pipe the yellow candy melts in the center of the daisy.

Immediately sprinkle with yellow dragees.

See how the yellow stays in the center?

Easy Daisy Oreo's!

Pick one for me!


  1. Ooo so pretty Kim! thanks for the tip about the color stay-i would love to see one of your "messed up" ones though-i bet they are still perfect! ;>D

  2. I love the way you added the candy beads to the top of the flower. It gives them a more realistic look. They are SO pretty!

    1. Thank you Beth, I really loved the way the added beads on top looked!

  3. So pretty...almost too pretty to eat! You always make everything look so easy, those look perfect!! from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. They really were quite simple using the mold. Thanks for the comment! :)

  4. These are so beautiful! I had no idea there was such a thing as an Oreo daisy mold. Thanks for the cookie education!

    1. Thank you Jennifer, the mold works wonderful and makes each cookie perfect! :)

  5. Those are so adorable and I had never heard of an Oreo mold: but I'll be looking for them now. Pinned!

    1. Thank you so much, you will LOVE Oreo molds, they always turn out! :)


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