The Partiologist: Daisy Cookie Platter and Cake Pops!

Daisy Cookie Platter and Cake Pops!

You would think I had enough cookies, right?  Well, all the other cookies I made for the party were decorated with royal icing.  And my family, as much as I try to get them to change, still prefer buttercream to royal icing.  And because this party involved the family, I knew they would be asking for the buttercream cookies.  I'm a people pleaser.

Daisy Cookie Platter

They get buttercream and I get easy.

Each petal was frosted with buttercream and stacked to look like a Daisy.

Everyone could have a buttercream petal and still have room to give those royal icing cookies a try!

You might say I'm persistent...or annoying.

Looked perfect on the black cake stand.

Easy to serve!

Here's the process~

I used the two size cutters from the Sweet Sugarbelle Holiday Fun Cookie Platter Set.

Bake and layer the cookies, making sure you have enough petals to complete the daisy.

Pipe buttercream on each cookie with a basket weave tip and clean the edge with a spatula.

Let the cookies set overnight before stacking.

Next up is the Daisy topped cake pop.

When I started, I didn't know what I was actually going to do.  I just started dipping and decorating and this is what happened.

And, I loved them.

I even made a simple video showing you how to make the white chocolate daisy.

Take a look.

I filled a piping bag with white candy melts and started making daisies, topped each one with a sixlet and let it dry.

Carefully, remove from the wax paper and set aside.

After dipping and decorating the cake pop, add a bit of melted chocolate and stick the daisy on.

Just Dip and Decorate!


  1. Kim these are so fun!!! I really must try making buttercream cookies because yours always look so beautiful and delicious! And those pops are gorgeous too!!!

    1. Thank you so much for the super sweet comment, totally made my day! :)

  2. Lucky for your family that you are a people pleaser! I need to make some cookies iced with buttercream and yours looks absolutely fabulous! Today marks the last day of my 62 day sweets fast and I can almost smell/taste/devour those sweet cookies! :)

    1. 62 days without sweets? Wow, I don't think I can make it until 10 a.m. without sweets! LOL

  3. I forgot to mention those darling cake pops! They are cuter than cute!

    1. Aww, thank you so much, I liked them too! :)

    2. i don't know how you manage to get every single treat look perfect and these are no exception! 😊

    3. Thank you Lisa, FYI I always eat the rejects! ;)


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