The Partiologist: Daisy Dessert Table!

Daisy Dessert Table!

Today is the best part of the party, now I get to share the dessert tables and show everything all set up!  Like, as a thank you for letting me talk about daisies for over a month.  Really, has it been that long?

Daisy Dessert Table!

Sit back and relax a bit, I've got a Daisy Party to show you!

Starting with the dessert table.

I loved when the guests arrived, scanning the table deciding on what would be their dessert of choice.

Or desserts of choice.

Can you blame theme?

The window was covered with black, white and yellow paper fans.

Which wasn't easy getting them to stay.  I got it figured out and if you want to know, nothing was glued to the window. 

The wire frame was dressed with a daisy and ribbon.

And the birthday girl's favorite...Banana Cream Cupcakes!

And my favorite, Vanilla Cake Pops!

Or should I say, Daisy Cake Pops!

My sister's favorite, Cream Cheese Mints.

My daughter's favorite, Chocolate Covered Caramel Marshmallow Daisies.

Another of my favorites, Cookies.

My other daughter's favorite, Monster Cookies!

I don't know if these were a favorite, but they were sweet!

The table wasn't the only thing covered in sweets!

The center island, was full of desserts as well.

Remember the Daisy Cake?

I decided to add sprinkles to the middle.

And the Chocolate Covered Pretzels?

One last tutorial coming soon!

The Rosettes were daisies too!

A blast from the past you might say.

And Jell-O pinwheels!

Don't forget the Blueberry Cheesecake!

We needed a little something to wash it all down.

Loved getting to fill the jars with tea and daisy tags!

So cute, right?

And a bouquet of paper daisies!

The only kind I grow.

More over sweets, here come the Appetizers.

And more to drink here!

And don't forget the Giant Daisy Cupcakes!

So big and beautiful!

Of course I knew they could not eat it all, so I provided them with take home boxes.

Take a quick look...

It was a very special party for my sweet niece Jordyn and a party to be remembered!


  1. oh my goodness look at all the love you put into this party! i'm exhausted h=just thinking about it-lol this is truly a masterpiece that i'm sure monet, picasso and leonardo da vinci could learn from! STANDING OVATION KIM! BRAVO BRAVO :>D!!!

    1. You are too sweet, I must say, it truly was a labor of love for my sweet niece! I enjoyed the day as if it were my own birthday party!

  2. Not one detail was missed and everything was so thought out to perfection. It's hard to pick one favorite... She must have enjoyed every second of the party and felt so special. What a wonderful Aunt to do that for her niece. from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. She had such a special day, loved everything about it...even the poem I wrote! ;) Thank you for the comment!

  3. I'm floored! Everything looks incredible!

  4. Wow! what a great look - love it!

    1. Thanks Debby, I felt it came together just as I had planned!

  5. That is so amazing !!! I'm sure your niece will always remember her Sweet 16 !! It must have took you forever.

    1. I did start the day I told her I wanted to host her party, so it didn't really seem like forever. In fact I couldn't wait for the week to come as so many last minute things I wanted to work on! Thank you so much!

  6. What a WONDERFUL AUNT! Wear did you get that white daisy plate? Did you make those cake pops? Those were awesome!

    1. Thank you Gina! I'm not sure what daisy cake plate you're talking about, perhaps the daisy cake with fondant petals? It's actually a clear plate with the cake in the middle and white homemade fondant petals around. Check out how I made it here:
      Yes, I made the cake pops, here's a little tutorial on them:

  7. One of your BEST!  Love it!  Hugs!  Becky

  8. This is simply fabulous! Love everything you did. Can you share your timeline? What did you make in advance and freeze?

    1. Thank you Marylou! YES! Almost everything was done ahead of time and frozen, since I make everything myself it's the only way to get it all done. I made the frosting, cupcakes and froze separately, then the day before the party I frosted the cupcakes and put them in the frig. I made the daisy cake pop and froze the dough, then the day before the party, I dipped and decorated and refrigerated. I wrapped each RKT petal individually with saran wrap and froze. Just make sure you completely seal each item you freeze, then just take them out the day of the party! Hope this helps. :)


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