The Partiologist: Sweet Sixteen Cookies!

Sweet Sixteen Cookies!

If it were my birthday, I would be celebrating with chocolate.  So I guess you could say I celebrate my birthday every day.  Today, however, I'm still celebrating the daisy themed 16th birthday.  And what better way to celebrate than with chocolate and cookies?  None really.  They were quite simple to make as you'll see in the video.

Sweet Sixteen Cookies!

Sweet Sixteen Cookies

Although the flowers look like paper, they're edible, made with wafer paper.

Wafer Paper Cookies

I know there are so MANY uses for wafer paper and I truly think this is the easiest one.

Beautiful cookies for your sweet sixteen birthday party!

A short video showing the cookies being made.

Make the little icing beads as the border, using a #1 round tip.

I used a paint brush dipped in water to adhere the two wafer daisy papers together.

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Cookies

I originally planned to use a bead in the middle of the flower, then realized piping the center with royal icing was the easiest.

And I know you like easy.

Daisy Sweet Sixteen Cookies

Can you tell I never stack the cookies?

I just can't get past worrying about them getting smashed.

I've been making cookies with buttercream for so long, it's hard to stack.

Flower Sweet Sixteen Cookies

Don't you think these are pretty sweet?  Sixteen.

Because I had several designs in my head, I had to make more cookies.

And a cute label for the monster cookies!

Monster Cookies

And because they didn't turn out like I planned, I had to make even more.

Sprinkle Cookies

I won't go into what went wrong here, because I added sprinkles and sprinkles fix everything.

These were cute, don't you think?

Drop Petal Cookies
Another favorite!

Stencil Daisy Cookies
No, nothing wrong with these, except this is not what I had planned.

(I ate those, because I eat the evidence.)

And the packaging made them even prettier!

Chevron Daisy Cookies

Of all the cookies in the Daisy Land, can you pick your favorite petal?


  1. These are SUPER cute! I must try this wafer paper. ;-D

    1. I love working with wafer paper and I'm getting ready to try something new! Thanks for the sweet comment!

  2. They are all adorable, but those sweet 16s are just so DARLING!! My granddaughter will turn 16 on her next birthday and I would love to make them for her! That wafer paper daisy!!!

    1. Thank you so much, the birthday girl loved her cookies and I know your granddaughter will too! :)

  3. These are adorable!! Where did you get the 16 cutter?

    1. Thank you Holly, I think I picked it up at Michaels years ago.


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