The Partiologist: Super Hero Cookies!

Super Hero Cookies!

Who's your favorite?  I mean when it comes to super hero's?  (I already know I'm your favorite blogger.  Wink.)  Maybe Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, maybe even Spider-Man?  If any of those happen to be on your list, you'll be happy to see they made my list.

Super Hero Cookies

Can you pick a favorite?

I can, take a look in the middle at the birthday cake.

I think it's my fave.

Now you can take a closer look at each Super Cookie.

Did I tell you they were for a birthday?  For two sweet little girls who have been a part of my family for many years!

POW or ZAP with sprinkles.

Go Web Go!

 Happy Birthday.

 Spider Man.


 Wonder Woman.


The Super Hero Collection.

You're Super, thanks for watching.

Who's YOUR favorite Super Hero?


  1. I don't have a favorite super hero but I do love all these cookies and the blogger who created them!!!

  2. YOU are the REAL wonder woman Kim! i mean COME ON! ;>D

    1. I'm happy to be the real wonder woman in your eyes! :) :) Thanks!

  3. Dang  you are talented girl!!!! Linda S.


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