The Partiologist: Wafer Paper Flower Wreath Cake with Video!

Wafer Paper Flower Wreath Cake with Video!

Nothing says summer like a cake with flowers, right?  Okay, maybe a lot of things do, but it seems like everywhere I look, I see a summer wreath, filled with flowers.  And because I wanted to make wafer paper flowers, I decided it was time to take on the task.  I watched many you tube videos before deciding which flower to make for my cake.  I wanted pretty, but easy, and I think I found the answer.

Flower Wreath Cake

How to make a wafer paper flower cake
It turned out so pretty, didn't it?

I can say that can't I?

I'm the first to admit when something doesn't turn out and I'm also the first to admire when it does. 

Wafer Paper Flowers
Just look at those flowers! 

Wafer paper flower tutorial

Did you know you can eat them?  Not that I would, but I could!

Yes, they're made from wafer paper.

And Wilton Spray color!

summer wreath cake
And I've got a video showing you how.

Here are a few notes from the video:

To make the wafer paper flower, cut the paper in a spiral.

Spray the wafer paper with Wilton Color Mist Food Spray.

Paint the back of the wafer paper with clear Wilton piping gel.

Begin rolling the paper up, until you have your flower.

Use a leaf paper punch to punch out the petals.

Cut a slit in the petals and close together with water.

Bake a round cake and cut out the middle.

Frost the cake, then use a spatula to make the rustic pattern.

Pipe brown strings of frosting on top for the grapevine, using a round decorating tip.

Place the flowers and leaves on the cake.

how to make a wreath cake
Now you can sit back and admire your cake too!

easy summer wreath cake
Life Is Sweet!


  1. Those flower look like real paper flowers. Just a piece of art!! from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. Isn't it crazy how they look like paper? Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love this. Hoping I can try this someday. Christine

    1. I do hope you try, it was such fun, you'll love working with wafer paper!

  3. wow those look awesome! i bet you could make a whole garden cuz if anyone can do it, it's you! 😁

    1. It would definitely be the only type of garden I could ever grow! :) Thanks Lisa!

  4. Your cake is absolutely STUNNING! Your video makes me think even I could make those beautiful roses..and you sprayed the wafer paper with color!! Love it and love your color choices. The white cake itself is beautiful and then you topped it with that gorgeous wreath. Awesome, Kim!

    1. Thank you so much, and of course you could do it! I love working with wafer paper and now want to put it on everything! :)


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