The Partiologist: Fun Food Blogger Retreat 2017!

Fun Food Blogger Retreat 2017!

YES!  It happened again, the Fun Food Blogger Retreat, hosted by Beth of Hungry Happenings was better than I had hoped for.
This post is sponsored by I Love Ice Cream Cakes.  All opinions are my own. 

In between all the blogging and making sweet & savory treats, there was plenty of eating.  And there were plenty of desserts, with this being a favorite for sure, Carvel Ice Cream Cakes! 

We wanted to make sure and try the new Carvel® Ice Cream Cookie Cake and it did not disappoint.  It was like a giant chocolate chip ice cream sandwich, a cookie and vanilla ice cream in every bite.   

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We couldn't wait until we cut into the new giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake 

When you find (and slice into) the NEW Carvel® Ice Cream Cookie Cake, we’d love for you to show us!…/carvel-ice-cream-cookie-c…/ 

And as luck would have it, we found a cake ready to decorate, perfect for my birthday! 

I could barely wait for Meaghan to finish decorating so I could eat a piece.  The Carvel® Ice Cream Cake was easy to cut and serve, which makes celebrations of any kind simple and delicious.  

Now let’s talk about that frosting, it could be another reason to love the Carvel® Ice Cream Cake, after those delicious chocolate crunchies, of course!  It was the perfect complement to the ice cream, sooo good and creamy, I may have had more than one corner…just sayin. 

Take a look at the fun we had shopping for our Ice Cream Cakes!

The Carvel® Game Ball® was my favorite, lots of chocolate inside and out! 

Be sure to look for these I Love Ice Cream Cakes treats in your grocer's freezer section or bakery department! 

So many choices, we tried them all.  How fun to share and enjoy ice cream cakes with all the bloggers. This year the retreat was held in October, so I knew I would be in for a scary treat. 

Dead of the Dead Dinner

I don't know of anyone who decorates or celebrates Halloween more than Beth.  Being a party planner myself, I couldn't wait to see what she had in store for us, this time I got to attend the party instead of plan the party!  I've seen photos, but as you know, photos never can tell the complete story.  You can check out all of her Halloween Parties HERE.

The first night we were served dinner in the dining room with a Day of the Dead theme.

Everything was just spectacular.  Right down to the skull shaped chips.

And the skull napkin ring.  I have to admit, she almost found one missing at the end of the evening.

We even got to eat Enchilada Skulls and you can find out how to make your own HERE!

Even though we were so full, we found room for dessert.

Cheesecake mouse, Mexican hot chocolate skull made by Beth and Day of the Dead Chocolate cookies made by yours truly. 

The next evening we were served Hand Burgers!  Find out how to make your own Hand Burger HERE.

And these Creepy Tombstone Cookies for dessert. 

Find out how to make your very own Creepy Tombstone cookie HERE.

With our belly's full, we headed to Beth's movie room.

Yes, this was all in her HOUSE, a movie theatre complete with snacks!

Halloween d├ęcor filled the entire house!

Like I said, Beth celebrates Halloween like no one else!

We also spent part of the day making chocolate...professional looking chocolate!  So much fun, with Desire showing the beginning stages of her creation!

Another highlight from our retreat, was the Kitchen Aid Factory tour.

And just so we didn't get run over, we all wore vests.

We could almost fit in the bowl...Norene from Party Pinching; Desiree from Wilton;  Meaghan from The Decorated Cookie; Beth of Hungry Happenings and then there's me.

So much fun, I want to do it all over again!


  1. oh how fun! i would be click clicking away at Beth's house-mine looks about the same-lol a whole lotta work but a whole lotta fun just like this retreat looks! you gotta check out my cake fair post-i thought of you guys the whole time i was there! :>D

    1. It was so much fun to see everything in person. I'm going to hop over and check out your cake fair post right now!

  2. Aww, looks like a blast Kim! I’m always a big fan of your creations! ❌⭕️


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