The Partiologist: Farm Rich Snacks!

Farm Rich Snacks!

This post is sponsored by Farm Rich, all opinions are my own. 

If you want an easy snack for game days, check out how to make an edible football with Farm Rich Donut Holes.  Farm Rich is one of America’s favorite snacks and appetizers brands! 

Donut Hole Football 

Seriously, it was the easiest way to make a football shaped snack using Farm Rich Donut Holes, which I picked up in the freezer section of the grocery store. And the tastiest! 

Farm Rich Bakery is a line of premium breakfast and snack items, newly available in select Walmart stores and many others nationwide.   

Farm Rich Bakery items are priced from $3.99 to $4.99 (prices may vary by store). For product and store information, visit 

There were SO many choices available to me, it was hard to decide. 

I'm sure you could guess, I went with something sweet. I chose the Chocolate Donut Holes AND Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes. 

In only a few minutes, the Farm Rich Donuts Holes were displayed as a football, after dipping in the chocolate.

I started by laying out the Donut Holes on the parchment paper, forming into the football shape I wanted.  Making sure I had enough of each of the chocolate and cinnamon sugar. 

After they were baked according to the package, I dipped all the Chocolate Donut Holes into more chocolate and instead of coating in the provided cinnamon sugar, I dipped the plain Donut Holes into white chocolate.  

Preheat the oven to 375 Degrees. 

Place the Donut Holes in a single layer on baking sheet and place in oven. 

Bake 7 – 9 minutes.  Remove from oven and let cool. 

Now it's time to dip the Donut Holes into the chocolate. 

Melt a package of white candy melts in microwave safe dish, 30 second intervals until completely melted.  Dip the Farm Rich Donut Holes into the melted candy melts with a wooden skewer.  After each is coated, remove from skewer and place on parchment paper to dry. 

Next, melt chocolate candy melts in microwave safe dish, 30 second intervals until completely melted.  Repeat the steps to make all the chocolate coated Farm Rich Donut Holes.

We had a blast working together at a recent blogger retreat. Now you can see the other creations made using the Farm Rich products.

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My Farm Rich Bakery Donut Holes were ready to be assembled into a football shape and displayed, just before game time!

The products now in Walmart stores from the Bakery line are as follows: 

Farm Rich helps families make the most of their time together with a wide variety of wholesome and easy-to-prepare frozen foods that can be made in minutes. 

Don't you love when something so good is so easy?  I know I do!


  1. Oh my goodness! These are such fun and easy ideas!!! I've already picked up some of the supplies. Thanks so much for sharing
    and inspiring me to get going on my party!


    1. I love when I can pick things up ahead of time and then pop them in the oven! Have fun with your party!

  2. Who would have thought to take the donut holes, dip them in chocolates and turn them into a football??? What a great, easy and creative idea. from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. Happy you like them, they were super simple to make!

  3. You guys are awesome!! And anything (especially donut holes) dipped in chocolate we know is gonna be good! Love the football!

    1. Thank you so much, the dipped donuts were delicious and we're huge football fans in our house too! :)


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