The Partiologist: Valentine Chocolate Bars!

Valentine Chocolate Bars!

What could be better than a DIY chocolate bar?  Okay, maybe there are a few things but right now I'm loving this. 

Valentine Chocolate Bars! 

Love is in the air, or at least in Target.  The aisles are filled with hearts, cupids, sprinkles, chocolate and more, a LOT more.  So why would I need to make chocolate bars?  Because I have this chocolate mold and an idea.

Using chocolate and decorating with fondant, they're the perfect gift for someone you love.  Or the perfect snack for yourself!

Just slide them in a pretzel bag and tie with Valentine ribbon.

Or eat them one at a time.

I mean, if you're looking for love, look no further than chocolate.  It will never disappoint.

Here's how.

This is that crazy little mold I am talking about.  Find it HERE.

And the silicone fondant mold.

And the tappits.

Melt your favorite chocolate wafers in a candy bag.

Fill the bottom of the mold with chocolate.

Add any type of filling (or use all chocolate).

I filled the centers with pecan pieces.

Top with more chocolate and place in the freezer for a few minutes until completely hard.

Pop out of mold and add a bit of chocolate to the back of the fondant d├ęcor and place on chocolate.

If you're not going to eat them, package in pretzel bags with cute ribbon!

Are you In Love...
With Chocolate?

Supplies HERE


  1. Any one would love getting one of these sweet treats for Valentine's Day!

  2. I just love everything you make!

  3. Those look like they came from a high end candy shop!!!! They are adorable and look like they would be pretty easy to make. What is your secret for getting your chocolate so smooth and shiny? from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. Thank you so much! I'm not sure why it turned out so smooth and shiny, maybe because the chocolate is very smooth before I pour it into the mold. And make sure you do not touch the chocolate with your hand or it will smudge. I always use a spatula to move it around.

  4. I love this idea, Kim!! The pretzel bag is perfect for your cute chocolate treats! I think I need some Tappits! :o)

    1. Thank you so much and I agree, you need some Tappits! :)


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