The Partiologist: Valentine Cupcakes!

Valentine Cupcakes!

How can these cupcakes be Valentine Cupcakes if there are no hearts?  Well, I guess you could say because they're red and white and sweet.  That qualifies as a Valentine, right?  I'm pretty sure those who get to eat them will feel the love.

Valentine Cupcakes

And the best part? They can be made in minutes.  Your love will think you spent all day slaving away making something sweet.  When in reality you can have the cupcakes done in minutes and have time to shop for something for yourself.

In fact, you could even buy the cupcakes and add the topper.  Just think how much shopping time you'd have then!

That probably would have been a good idea, I was hungry when they came out of the oven.  Before I knew it several cupcakes were gone and all the wrappers were in the trash.  Then I remembered I wasn't going to eat sweets that day, so I counted the cupcake wrappers in the trash.  Anyone guess how many?  At least they weren't frosted yet.

Back to the cupcakes... with a few zig zags out of candy melts, your topper is made.

See the cuteness?

Here's how easy.

I mixed my own sprinkles.  White Jimmies, Non Pariels and Candy Pearls.

Melt red candy melts in bag, cut the tip.

On a piece of parchment paper, drizzle the candy melts first in one direction and then in the other. 

Sprinkle with your white candy sprinkle mixture.

Let completely harden and break apart.

Top the cupcake.

See how easy?  Just remember, don't make them when you're hungry.

Love at First Bite!

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  1. Such a simple idea for topping cupcakes and you can change out the colors for every holiday or occasion.

  2. So fun and I CAN DO THIS!!!

  3. Your Valentine cupcake garnish is so cute! I love cupcakes for any occasion and these are just precious. Thanks for sharing on Happiness is Homemade.


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