The Partiologist: Oreo Easter Chicks!

Oreo Easter Chicks!

What could be cuter than an Easter Chick?  Maybe a fuzzy Easter Oreo Chick?  Or what I like to call Chicks on Sticks.

Oreo Easter Chicks

Do you see how fuzzy they are?  And so much easier to take care of than a real chick.

In celebration of Wilton's new Yellow branding, I wanted to use the Wilton yellow candy melts and immediately, little Easter Chicks came to mind.

Complete with a little sunflower seed beak.

So easy I can't wait to show you how.

Start with Oreo's, Wilton's yellow candy melts and lollipop sticks.

Carefully, break apart the Oreo and place the stick in the center.

Melt the Wilton candy melts.

Drizzle a little candy melt over the stick and immediately place the Oreo on top.

Let set until candy melt is hard.

Dip the Oreo in melted candy melts and place on parchment paper to dry.

Place a little melted candy melt on the parchment paper next to the Oreo, dip a Wilton food safe brush and dab on the Oreo.

Add the Wilton candy eyes and chocolate coated sunflower seed.

Cover the lollipop stick with a paper straw and add a ribbon bow.

You're my favorite chick!


  1. I'd like to find these in my Easter basket this year!

  2. I just bought some lemon Oreos that would be nice for this project. Thank you!

    1. Lemon Oreo's...I love lemon, what a great idea!!!

  3. These are just too cute and really don't look that hard to make. Thanks for the great idea. from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. They really are super simple, thanks for stopping by!

  4. Chicks on a! Love these cute and fuzzy Easter chicks!! Happy Easter, Kim! :o)


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