The Partiologist: Paint Palette Truffles!

Paint Palette Truffles!

Should I admit I was planning to make cake pops and then decided I was too tired?  Or should I just pretend my original plan was to make Brownie Truffles?  Either way, I made a good decision to go with the Brownie Truffles.

Paint Palette Brownie Truffles!

Two reasons why...Quick & Easy.

Need I say more?

Not to mention the little party picks were cute as can be.

Which made my job even easier.

And I'll show you how.

The three items needed to get started are the paint palette picks the sprinkles and mini cupcake papers.

Next, bake and crumble your favorite brownies.  First trim the edges and remove any pieces that are crispy.  

Then if no one is looking, eat those pieces.

Add a glob of chocolate ganache or chocolate frosting and mix together.

Form into balls with a cookie scoop and roll into sprinkles.

Place in white mini paper cupcake wrappers and top with paint palette pick.

And they're ready to serve.

And if you're too tired to make brownie truffles, how about popcorn bars?  You can call them art bars if you add colorful mini m&m's to the mix and package them in paint splatter bags!

And if you're really, really tired, just fill the bags with popcorn!

Then eat a couple for a little extra energy...

Time to pARTy!


  1. These are adorable! You do such cute work.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Beth, they were the perfect addition to the party!

  3. adorable. love how bright they are. from,twobeautifulgirls

  4. These are so cute! Linda S.

  5. I love your artist palette treats! And it wouldn't matter either way, pops or truffles, they are adorable!


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