The Partiologist: Bridal Party Take Home Favors!

Bridal Party Take Home Favors!

I really hadn't planned on making more take home favors until I found the perfect bags.  I mean they said Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, Flower Girl, so of course I had to buy them.  AND they were gold and white, the Bride Tribe colors!  After I bought them, I realized I needed to fill them.

Bridal Party Take Home Favors!

One of the first things I wanted to make were the Bride Tribe Hair Ties.  I've seen them every where and when I found the elastic, I was ecstatic!

Easy to make because I'll show you how.  Complete with a FREE printable.

How fun, right?  Here's how.

The elastic ribbon and the printable cards.

Cut the elastic in 12" strips.

Fold in half.

Tie the ends together.

Slip over the printable card.

Printed on Avery Business Cards.

Next is the DIY feather hand soap.

Easy, but time consuming.

Use a big bar of glycerin soap.

Melt according to directions.

Add fragrance, I chose grapefruit.

Pour into feather mold (any feather mold would work if it is deep enough) and sprinklee with gold glitter.

Let harden and remove.

They were all given the gold and white bags.

See what I mean, I found the perfect bags!

And the bottles were wrapped with gold and white paper and a gold straw was added.

At the party the bottles were filled with Chai Tea.

Here's a the box I filled for the Bride, topped with a Bride Headband.

Same great favors only in a box.

Take a peek.

The chevron bag was filled with three feather soaps and hair tie and shown above.

Also in the box was gold and white note cards, polka dot pencil, sugar swizzle stick and Jordan almonds.

All Brides should have a Tribe!


  1. Such a wonderful favor for your bride tribe.

    1. Thanks so much, the girls loved going through their gift bags!


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