The Partiologist: Lace Cake Pops!

Lace Cake Pops!

When I said I tried to add cake lace to my desserts, I wasn't kidding.  This time I added it to the cake pops.  It was truly a simple way of adding a little elegance to the cake pop, not to mention an easy way.  Well, once the lace and cake pops were made that is.

Lace Cake Pops!

Adding the lace to the top, made the cake pops quite stunning.

And really, with a little time and preparation, you'll have beautiful cake pops too!

Let me show you the process.

After making the cake lace medallions (directions HERE), remove the center.

Dip your cake pop in any color you wish.

Place the cake lace on top of the cake pop.

Using a star tip, pipe three swirls, securing the cake lace to the cake pop.

Sprinkle with a few silver dragees.

Add a couple tiny green leaves to complete the design.

Now they're ready to be served!

Pretty Pretty Cake Pops!


  1. You do the most amazing things with edible lace!!

    1. I do love working with edible lace, thanks so much!

  2. These are truly a work of art! Kathi

  3. When I saw these on FB, they truly took my breath away! Still do! Your lace cake pops are 'tha bomb'!!


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