The Partiologist: Elegant Oreo's!

Elegant Oreo's!

Are you ready for another version of Oreo's?  This time I'll call them elegant Oreo's.  Hmm, I like the sound of that and I really liked the look of them too.  Remember, you can use any color combination and the rose topped Oreo's will be perfect for your special event too.

Elegant Oreo's

When I started making the Oreo's I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do.  Then I decided to drizzle the top with red candy melts, add ribbon roses along with green leaves and white sprinkles.

I made a lot of ribbon roses, enough for three per cookie.  One per cookie probably would have been fine, but not for me.

Using a Wilton flower nail and a #101 petal tip, I made swirls of royal icing, called ribbon roses.

Let them dry and remove from the parchment square.

Grab your favorite flavor and size of Oreo's.  I used the regular size.

The mini would look beautiful with one rose!

Make all the chocolate covered Oreo's and remove from mold.  More info HERE.

Drizzle with red candy melts, top with roses, leaves and sprinkles.  

Soon I'll show you how everything was displayed, but for now enjoy an Oreo!

Stop and Eat the Oreo Roses.


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