The Partiologist: Bridal Dessert Buffet!

Bridal Dessert Buffet!

What can I say.  Another table filled with sweets for the guests.  I mean it was kind of like a party for them too.  Who wouldn't want to take home a box full of sweets?  So if you're in need of dessert ideas, you're at the right place.  .

Bridal Dessert Buffet!

Another view of the table.

Do you know how early I had to start to get everything set up before the party which began at 10:30?

I knew were everything was to be displayed, so that helped.  Like the Marshmallows, displayed at the top of the three tired stand.

Remember the Wedding Dress Cakes I created earlier?  I decided to make a mini version for the shower.  I'm just sad I didn't take any photos while making the mini wedding dress cakes.  Not one.

So much to choose from.  The bottom tier held the lace topped cake pops.

Along the front of the table were nuts and cream cheese mints.  

A wedding favorite.

Another set of cookies...

Here's it's close up.

Another view of the table.

Top right were the chocolate diamond cookies and the chocolate topped diamond rice Krispie treats.

The chocolate cookies are perfect without any added frosting.

A sweet version of a diamond RKT.

In the front were the homemade chocolate donuts and S'more pretzels.

A familiar sight.

If you notice across the top of the window...I tied and hung lace table runners.  Matching the ones on the table.

Top left were the chocolate dipped macaroons and raspberry muffins.

Remember the Oreo's.  And then there were chocolate mousse cups.  My favorite.

Where would YOU begin?

Yes, there was more than sweets, but really didn't get many photos of the food, a quick shot of the set up below.

At a glance, the beginning of the party!

 I Hope you enjoyed the Bridal Shower!


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