The Partiologist: Christmas Cookie Sticks!

Christmas Cookie Sticks!

So what do you think when you see the title Christmas Cookie Sticks?  I don't know what comes to your mind, but when I mentioned it to anyone else, they looked at me like I was from another planet.  So to keep you up to date with the latest cookie trend, let me show you my version of the Cookie Stick, Christmas Edition!

Christmas Cookie Sticks!

They were so much fun to create!  And today is the perfect day to share them, because I need to show you something fun since I've been gone for so long.  Not gone, like on vacation, but gone because I've been busy.

Like decorating my house for Christmas. Yes, I'm one of those.  But on my defense, I recently read people who decorate for Christmas early are happier.  I wonder who wrote that, maybe the shops carrying the decorations?

Anyway, here they are...

Santa Cookie Stick.

Gingerbread Cookie Stick.

Snowflake Cookie Stick.

Christmas Tree Cookie Stick.

Snowman Cookie Stick.

Mitten Cookie Stick.

Rudolf Cookie Stick.

Holly Cookie Stick.

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If you were a Christmas Cookie Stick, which one would you be?


  1. if i were a Christmas cookie stick i would be one that multiplies because these are incredibly cute! LOL

  2. Sooo fun! Love these!

  3. If I were a cookie stick I'd want to be Rudolph because he is just the cutest thing ever!!! These are seriously the most adorable cookies. I love them.

    1. Aww, you're so sweet and you would make the best Rudolph!

  4. I knew exactly what a cookie stick would look like if it was coming from you... creative and pure perfection. I would be Santa because with no eyes you just get to imagine what Christmas is like! from,twobeautifulgirls.

    1. Love your idea and thanks for the compliment thinking it would be creative and perfection! ;)


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