The Partiologist: Falling for Oreo's!

Falling for Oreo's!

I know it's been awhile since I've shared something besides wedding/bridal parties and sweets.  So today I'm back with something for fall.  Kind of.  How about Oreo's?  Covered in chocolate topped with all kinds of fun.  

Fall Oreo's

I could have coated them in all sorts of fall colored candy melts, but when it comes to coating, I always go for the chocolate.

I guess you could say, I'm falling for Oreo's!

What a fun way to celebrate the change of seasons, although I better hurry up with fall favorites because we had a snowstorm this past weekend and it's looking a bit more like winter.

While I've been away, I updated my sugar cookie website and decided to add a Facebook page Custom Sugar Cookies, showcasing all my sweet treats.  So I would love for you to like my new page and watch for something special coming your way.

But for now let's get back to the Oreo's.

So many toppings, I was going to stop with six, but then I couldn't.

Because mini chocolate chips.

 And then the coconut.

 And the pretty fall sprinkles.

 How can you not love fall leaves?

 If pick out the fall colors, M & M's are perfect.

 And mini marshmallows are just cute.

 A little bit crunchy, but they're perfect for fall!

 Maybe the yummiest of all chopped pecans!

 More fall colored sprinkles.

 The perfect little non pariels.

 Yummy, crunchy toffee.

And Butterfinger pieces.

Here they are at a glance.

If you want a quick lesson, here you go!

Start with your favorite Oreo's, chocolate candy melts and the sandwich cookie mold.

Melt and pour the chocolate in the mold, brush up the sides.  Place the Oreo in the mold and cover with more chocolate.

Place in freezer and remove from mold.

Pour melted chocolate into candy piping bag and drizzle over the Oreo.

Immediately sprinkle with desired toppings.

I didn't know what to put these little beauties in, but the cupcake container worked perfectly.

Tie it up with a bow and it's a fancy fall treat.

Don't forget to follow my new Facebook Page Custom Sugar Cookies!

A little something is coming your way.


  1. Okay, I'll take three of each please! They look so good. You always have the most clever ideas!

    1. Wish you were here and I would be happy to share! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. I do not own an Oreo mold, but your yummy creations make me want to go straight to Amazon!! Annnddd..I "Liked" your FB cookie page, but wish there was a "Love" choice!!

    1. Aww, thanks so much! I just love my Oreo mold and I know you would too! :)


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