The Partiologist: Snowman Cake!

Snowman Cake!

Well, if it isn't snowing enough for you to make a snowman outside - I've got the goods for you to make this snowman INSIDE!  It won't melt, but it will disappear...I promise.  It was one of my favorite cakes from years ago and I wanted to bring him back!  Enjoy!

Snowman Cake

He's so very cold, I made him ear muffs. 

Edible ear muffs of course, complete with a red licorice band! 
Oh, and what about his pointy carrot nose?
Totally edible - it's cake!

He's so fluffy and stays so warm with his fondant scarf!

Here's how, if you don't already know!

Supplies needed - 34" red licorice rope and white paper cone cup.

Bake a 10" cake, 4" cake and a cone shaped cake.
Spray the cone shaped paper cup with Bakers Joy and place in cupcake holder to bake. 
Add cake mix and bake until done.

Cut the 4" cake in half for the ear muffs.

Make white butter cream frosting and smooth a thin layer over the cake.
Add additional frosting making peaks with an offset spatula.
Sprinkle with sanding sugar and glitter.

Measure the licorice rope around the top of the snowman and cut to fit.
Add a dollop of frosting to the cake board and attach licorice rope.
Top with one half of the 4" cake.
Using a grass tip, pipe red strings on the ear muff to make it fluffy.

Set the pointed cake on the snowman cake. 
Add orange frosting to a decorating bag fitted with an extra large round decorating tip. 
Starting at the bottom, begin swirling around the pointed cake until you reach the top. 
Drag a toothpick through the cake, making a design for the mouth.

Pipe black frosting over top the line and add pink luster dust for the cheeks.
Swirl with a clean paint brush or spatula.
Roll out a 12" piece of red fondant.  Cut small white strips and add to top of fondant.
Cut out a 2" x 10" strip of striped fondant for the scarf. 
Cut another piece of fondant 2" x 8" with the bottom covered with white stripes and fold over the top. Cover the top of the scarf with white stripes. 
Cut tiny slits at the bottom of the 8" scarf for the fringe.
Curve and attach to the bottom of the cake.

Softy The Sno Man!

He'll melt in your mouth...

 NOT in your hands! 


  1. He is such a cutie. Thanks for telling us how you made him. Kathy

  2. Softy is just the cutest... perfect for January... Thank you

    1. I thought he would be perfect for January too! Thanks!

  3. What a sweet looking cake. This would warm you up even on the coldest snowiest day!

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

  4. wow love his 3D nose! and i never knew you can bake in a paper sno cone cup! oh you are so smart Kim! :)

    1. Me, smart? Well, I don't know about that, but I'll take it! Thanks Lisa! :)

  5. He is SOOOOO CUTE! He is just fun to look at! Love it!

  6. I can just imagine how tasty that snowman is! He is so beautiful, though, don't know if I could eat him! :)


  7. Crazy adorable! My favorite part has got to be that nose. Love it!

  8. I agree with everyone else, the nose is amazing!

    1. His nose was just the right size - if you're a snowman! :)

  9. OMG - that nose!! I love him, Kim!

  10. "Holy Snowflakes Batman!" This is adorable! His nose is killing me with cuteness!!!! Pinning now!

  11. O.K., everything about Softy the Snowman is adorable, from his fondant striped scarf to his fluffy earmuffs and his rosy cheeks but making his nose three dimensional was simply brilliant!

  12. He is beyond cute, and oh, so clever!

  13. So, cute and looks really easy to make.

    1. I really was one of the easiest cakes I've ever made! :)


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