The Partiologist: Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wrap.

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wrap.

I was having so much fun with the red and black buffalo plaid, I decided to incorporate it into my gift giving. I really loved the way they turned out and it took no time at all.
Just Kidding!

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wrap!

It all started with this gift.  I made sure the packaging would fit and ordered the bags.  Then I made the creations to fill the bags.  Chocolate Cranberry/Pistachio Bark, Chocolate & Pecan Covered Pretzels, Homemade Granola and of course Sugar Cookies.

It was a very special gift, there were four kinds of ribbon tied on.  Normally you get one ribbon.

Don't you agree the packaging made them special?  The packaging also made me think about my decisions...the decision to make all of these!

You see, I first printed and cut the tag and deer with my cricut, glued it together, then added the pom pom nose.

And the cookies to go inside.  My plan was to spell out NOEL in cookies, but that wouldn't fit the way I wanted in the box.  So I had to go with JOY.  If my box was any smaller, the cookies would have spelled out HO.

Making a few of the boxes for friends and family didn't put me over the edge, it was when I decided to make the tags for my Christmas gifts the same way.

Including the gift bags.  It was meant to be, I had buffalo plaid tissue paper.

And because I found the matching buffalo plaid Christmas wrap, I made the same tags for my nieces and nephews Christmas gifts.  Also for the Boy/Girl gift exchange.

Making all the tags is what put me over the edge.  How will I wrap my gifts this year?  You can be pretty sure it doesn't include making all my own tags.

Or will it?

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