The Partiologist: Valentine Cookies!

Valentine Cookies!

No need to wait around for the perfect Valentine to make you happy.  You can make your own happiness.  And your own cookies!

Heart Shaped Cookies!

They're full of love and the look of lace. So easy to make, with an airbrush, stencil and a few roses they can be finished in minutes.

And the idea came to me when I found this little box.  In storage.

I mean, I was about to donate the box and then it hit me.  I needed heart cookies for a gift and I had the perfect way to package them.  So I started on my project immediately.

I loved the way it all came together.  I had a damask stencil which coordinated with the pattern on the box!

Let me show you.

Start by baking your favorite shape heart cookie.

Mix up a batch of light pink royal icing and flood the cookies.  Let the cookies completely dry.

Next using an airbrush, stencil and silver airbrush color, airbrush the design on your cookie.

Use a Stencil Genie to hold the stencil in place.

Either make ribbon roses, (or fondant roses for the center of the cookie).  I made ribbon roses with stiff royal icing, a small piece of wax paper, a nail and the #101 Wilton tip. Start in the center and swirl clockwise to get the rose.

After the roses are made, let set until hard.  Then add a dot of royal icing to the center of each heart and add the rose.

Next you'll need to add two tiny leaves to the side of each rose with royal icing and the # Wilton Leaf tip.

Now they're ready to package in the cute little box.

Valentine Supplies HERE


  1. Your cookies are so beautiful. I'm sure they made an amazing gift.

    1. Thank you, they really looked so pretty in that little box!

  2. These are just so sweet and romantic looking. With the added touch of putting them in that adorable box the recipeient of this beautiful and thoughtful gift must have loved it. from, twobeautifulgirls

    1. Aww, thank you, they were very appreciated. I love when I can find special packaging for my sweet treats, it's all about the presentation, right? :)

  3. So beautiful and yummy looking. I wish I could have one right now! But I wouldn't be able to eat it because I wouldn't want to ruin it! Simply amazing!

    1. Well thank you so much, but there's always more cookies where those came from so eat away! LOL

  4. They look amazing! Would go perfectly at a girl's birthday party too.

    1. Thank you, they would be the perfect addition to a girls birthday!


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