The Partiologist: Paris Themed Invitations - Bonjour Bebe!

Paris Themed Invitations - Bonjour Bebe!

Where has the time gone? All I can say is I've loved every minute from the time I found out I would be Gramma Gigi and I'm lovin' it even more now that I can hold my sweet little love in my arms.  Before we welcomed her into the world, I hosted a grandeur baby shower for the mommy to be.

Bonjour Bebe!

Oh la la...She's having a girl!  That's right, I may have screamed just little when I found out she was having a girl back at the "What Will it Bee" gender reveal party.  From them on I went back and forth on the theme for shower.

Each envelope was printed with this on the back.

And of course I hand made ALL of the invitations.

A labor of love for sure, but loved how they turned out.  One thing I need to remember, is to put the year on the invitation.  I think this every time and every time I forget! The year was 2019, I guess you could say... "the good old days"!

I had several Paris themed items in my party supplies so when I found the plates, I knew what my theme would be.

From then on I dreamed in Parisian.  Is that a thing?  I even ordered a CD to listen to while I planned the shower and played it during the shower.  Do you really hear music while eating a croissant in Paris?  I was in Colorado and I absolutely loved listening to it, over and over. Maybe someday I'll find out .

Do you want a sneak peek of a couple simple desserts?

Dessert Crepes.

No Paris themed party would be complete without Crepes.  I made gluten free and regular crepes, served with with bananas, strawberries and Nutella.

And another Parisian recipe I found was Profiteroles.

Maybe not as good as what you get in Paris, but my guests didn't have to travel far.  I just needed something to fill the little paper cups and use the Eiffel Tower toppers!

The Eiffel tower boxes were filled with chocolate drizzled popcorn.  Making it Parisian Popcorn.

Can't wait to show you more!
Bonjour Bebe!


  1. EVERYTHING is just STUNNING!!! No detail was missed. Most beautiful baby shower I have ever seen.

    1. Thank you, I just loved putting together this baby shower for my daughter!


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