The Partiologist: Invitation in a Bottle!

Invitation in a Bottle!

While many of you prepared for a vacation to the beach, I was preparing for a celebration! This time a Tropical Sweet 16 Birthday Party for my niece. As always, the invitation sets the mood for my party. I found plastic bottles and filled them with beachy stuff and the invitation. The hours spent making these so special was well worth the effort!

Invitation in a Bottle!

All the things to get the party started.

Everything was inserted into the bottle from the bottom and sealed.  I tied the name to the top with raffia.

I designed and printed the invitation on Avery postcard paper, so each was exactly the same size. Along with the name printed on Avery tags. 

Notice the location? Aunt Kim's Tiki Hut and they were to RSVP to the Big Kahuna!

I made sure everything was color coordinated inside the bottle.

And made sure each was rolled with ALOHA on the outside!

Next, I rolled the invitation and tied with raffia.

Inserted into the bottle along with small seashells, paper umbrella and plastic drink cup. My original plan was to use sand...not an option. It stuck to the inside of the bottle and was a mess. And I actually had the mini seashells on hand. I mean, who doesn't have a bag of seashells?

After the bottles were filled, I hand delivered those I could and the others were packed and shipped to the recipient.  I didn't rely on them finding it in the ocean.

So if you think the invitations are fun, wait until you see the Party!


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