The Partiologist: Under the Sea 1st Birthday Smash Cake!

Under the Sea 1st Birthday Smash Cake!

When I planned the smash cake, I didn't take into consideration I would be transporting it for 40 minutes. Me holding it and trying to keep it steady over every bump or sudden stop was not fun. Thankfully, it arrived in one piece, but the sides were a little cracked. 

Under the Sea 1st Birthday Smash Cake!

Each of the cake toppers were made from fondant. After they dried, I carefully placed them on the cake. And broke a few in the process.

Now you can see why I was a little frantic while holding the cake on the drive. Yikes.

Instead of grabbing into the cake and eating it, Brynlee picked off each piece of fondant and handed it to me. So funny. 

Here's a glance at the other party table.

Filled with more goodies.

Remember all the cookies?

We needed goodie boxes ready to be filled. And filled they the top.

White sea creature boxes with googly eyes. Who doesn't love googly eyes?

The birthday banner and bubbles were the backdrop for the table.

And my daughter made yummy homemade apple nut muffins!

I kind of want one right now. But it might be easier to dip a marshmallow in chocolate.

Wish I had a cupcake too. These were french vanilla with homemade fondant toppers.

I usually only have french vanilla, but this time I added red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

The seahorses were also made of fondant! Note to self, never write a blog post when hungry for sweets.

It was under the sea and over the top!


  1. The cake looks amazing. I love that Brynlee undecorated the cake so neatly. You have a little kitchen helper in the making!

    1. Thank you, she was very neat and tidy with the cake, it was so cute! A little helper for sure!!


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