The Partiologist: Silver & Red Christmas!

Silver & Red Christmas!

You've seen the Christmas Fault Line Cake of 2019, now it's time to see the display. I usually don't mix desserts with appetizers, at least not on the same table. 
This time I did and I think it worked. What do you think?

Silver & Red Christmas!

With all my parties, I set up the display I want to use and photograph. Then I make a diagram on paper, number each serving piece and then decide what will go into each piece. I may be the only one who does that, but it makes me sleep better. Well, at least sleep until 4:00 a.m.

Because after setting up my display, I could shop for the perfect wrappers! Like these!

And these...

The red and silver tree wrappers held cornbread and the red and silver stripe held glass fruit cups.

In the large star dish, cinnamon pickle rings! Yes, homemade by my mom and the small star dish, macadamia nuts. Maybe I'm the only one who loves the sugared cranberries, but I make them every year.

Another favorite to start the evening is shrimp cocktail. Served with my spicy cocktail sauce!

All lined up and ready to go.

A few of the savory appetizers were easy bacon wrapped water chestnuts. Kind of like chestnuts roasting on an open fire, only not.

And I had to serve olives because I had an olive tray. The top held hummus and pita bread.

And I have a story of the deer but I won't go into detail, no one would really care what happened when I purchased them. Anyway, they were just what I wanted to stand tall for my centerpiece.

Speaking of centerpiece, the cake.

Let me tell you something I know about making red frosting. Make it ahead of time because it darkens as it sets. Something I know to do, but seems like I always make it and then it gets too red because I don't let it set. I mean it's Christmas, who has time to set? 

The three dish serving piece held wasabi peas, chocolate pistachio cranberry bark and burnt peanuts. Nothing says Christmas like burnt peanuts...except they're red and fit the color scheme.

To the far right of the display were the napkins, held down by a silver wreath. You know in case of a winter breeze.

Would you believe I had the candles and filler for the vase in my storage?

After making the arrangement, I had to store it away until the Christmas party. In fact I had to store everything away after the initial set up.

As I type this blog post, I am planning this years Christmas party and I won't even tell you how early it is. Do you have any idea what my theme will be?

Next up...the bubbly. Christmas bubbly and dining table.


  1. Gorgeous display! I love the silver dish that looks like a piece of candy. Your entire display is elegant and perfect.

    1. Thanks so much, I loved the silver and red together and I was happy so I remembered I had that silver candy shaped dish!

  2. Beautiful! CHEERON!


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