The Partiologist: Silver & Red Christmas Dinner Table!

Silver & Red Christmas Dinner Table!

You've seen the cake, the appetizer display and now it's time to move on over to the bubbly and dining table. I knew when I started I wanted it to sparkle without glitter. I'm over glitter. You know the saying "everywhere she goes she leaves a little sparkle"? Well, they forgot the part that says she also cleans up the sparkle.

Silver & Red Christmas Dinner Table!

Each plate held a silver party cracker. I found the crackers and retied them with my own red ribbon. Plus I filled them with a little "extra" gift and we played a game. Everyone was a winner!

The table was filled with sparkle, without the glitter. But I will admit I did find sequins around for quite sometime. Well into the new year, which was great because that was just enough New Year celebration for me.

And the silver candelabras, with red candles filled the center of the table.

Part of our menu included cranberry Santa hats. Stay tuned, soon I'll be sharing the recipe if you like. Let me know.

Notice the three silver Christmas trees on the sofa table?

They were lit to greet my family.

I filled every inch I could find with silver.

Pure Joy.

It was a sparkly celebration without the glitter.

Over on the small counter was the bubbly.

With a festive ribbon embellishing the trays and champagne flutes along with garland hanging in the back.

I can't wait to start setting up for this year's Christmas party. By the time you read this, I'm pretty sure I'll have set it up, photographed and put it all away until showtime. That's how I roll.

Wishing you the Merriest!


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