The Partiologist: AHOY! It's a Boy

AHOY! It's a Boy

Before summer is over I invite you all to come sail away with me as I look back at the "AHOY! It's a Boy" baby shower I hosted for my daughter!

AHOY! It's a Boy

I filled the island with nautical themed desserts. You know in my world, any dessert can be turned into a themed dessert. 

Notice the standing sailboat in the center of the island? When I saw it while out shopping, I knew it would be the perfect display for desserts. And it was.

Only I had to find somewhere to store the sailboat for a few years. 

The boat was displayed on a shadow box filled with fishing net. 

The top of the boat held tiny bags of red, white and blue M & M's.

The next shelf held chocolate truffles, topped with a red party pick I decorated with string and an anchor. After much research, I finally found an anchor paper punch and used it over and over again for the party.

Really, you know it's all about the packaging!

On the bottom, I had small boxes decorated with a tiny anchor holding muddy buddies, tied with string.

Now, how does one make chocolate chip zucchini bread nautical?

With the bags of course!

Again, I used my anchor punch, tied it with string and hot glued it to the bag. Inside was a slice of zucchini bread wrapped in saran so it would not get grease on the bags. Plus it kept the bread fresh!

So many ways to decorate paper bags. For the next bag, I printed Ahoy Baby on each.

One by one they were printed, but totally worth the time it took!

I almost forgot the sailboat cupcakes!

Perfect little boats to place the cupcake in and top with a nautical sail.

Next up, a summer favorite...Lemon Tarts.

The lemon tarts were placed in red and white stripe paper wrappers and displayed on a navy lined photo frame.

Of course to be on the safe side, life preservers were on Oreo form. The preservers were made from white fondant with a mold and I added the red accent with an edible marker.

Set sail with the nautical themed cookies!

SEA you soon with more from the party!


  1. Your cookies are works of art and the entire table display is amazing.

  2. So, so very cute! Love the way you pulled everything together!

    1. Thank you so much, it was great fun to set sail with creative ideas!

  3. Everything is completely adorable and it’s so much fun to look at every detail!

    1. Thank you, there is a lot of detail so I'm happy to hear you're enjoying it all! :)


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