The Partiologist: Ahoy Baby Shower!

Ahoy Baby Shower!

I almost forgot... the invitation. The cutest invitation. It took awhile to put them all together, but once they were finished, I loved them. So take a look and then we'll move on over to the table filled with a few lot more nautical desserts.

Ahoy! It's a Boy

So tell me, aren't they so much fun? You should have seen my mess, but it was worth it.

Like I promised, I'll move along to the table.

The sail covered with window along with a life preserver and fish net.

On top of fish net, I added a wooden AHOY across the table. 

And topped the H with a wooden sailboat.

Along the front of the table, nautical flags were hung.

Now let's get sailing on to the desserts.

Flags were placed under each serving plate.

From left to right...

Anchors aweigh peanut butter squares. Homemade, topped with a red fondant anchor.

Because I found the cute cupcake wrappers, I had to add more cupcakes. This time chocolate with chocolate frosting.

Next up, chocolate covered pretzels.

I can't say they're my favorite dessert in the world, but they are always fun to decorate. 

This may be weird, but with all my desserts, one of my favorite is the Rice Krispie Treat. But only if it's topped with chocolate.

This was topped with a fondant anchor, which could be popped off before eating. Some like fondant, some do not!

I turned the cupcake wrappers inside out so you could see the design. 

Last but not least were salted peanut butter chews.

But how could I make a peanut butter chew nautical? Well, I placed them in a wrapper and tied with twine and made a tag! Nautical in an instant!

Would you believe there is more? Want to see it now?

First, let's look at some of the food. Like in no sweets.

Did you notice the names? Don't even ask how long I spend coming up with names for my food.

Thank goodness, shrimp is self explanatory. 

The salad was not out yet, so I didn't get a photo. 

A yummy Asian salad with wasabi peas and roasted almonds. 

As you might notice, we had Asian food for lunch. You might have thought seafood, but the guest of honor couldn't really stand the smell of seafood during her pregnancy. So I changed up the menu and only served shrimp cocktail.

And do you notice the dishes on the back side of the sailboat, placed atop a stripe napkin? Well, that's where the other main courses were held.

I'll end here before I get off course.

More sailing to come!


  1. Adorable. And congratulations! Where do you keep everything?

    1. Thank you so much! I have so many clear storage bins and metal storage shelfs and boxes...Too many to count! The clear bins are great because I'm able to see everything at a glance.


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