The Partiologist: Vintage Themed Desserts!

Vintage Themed Desserts!

I guess you could say summer is in full swing... as in hot. So it's the perfect time to stay indoors and continue on with the Vintage Themed Sweet 16 Party. If I'm being honest, I probably wouldn't be outside even if it were cool. 

I really loved how sweet the party turned out. The birthday girl is just that...sweet!

Vintage Themed Desserts!

So many sweets turned into vintage themed desserts!

Let me take you shelf by shelf, tray by tray and show you all the desserts.

Not only the centerpiece of the island, the shelf held potted plants, cornbread and coffee bombs!

The potted plants were actually truffles topped with vintage flowers. No need to water.

The middle shelf held the coffee bombs. It was too hot for cocoa bombs, but the coffee bombs were perfect. It's never too hot for coffee!

I made small paper holders with floral cardstock and tied each one with jute.

The bottom was filled with cornbread muffins.

For some reason, cornbread muffins always show up at my parties.

Moving along to the island full of desserts. The center was a vintage picture frame without any photo. It held the cupcakes.

Baked in floral wrappers and topped with a dollop of buttercream, the cupcakes were definitely vintage. Inside the bowl held marshmallows I dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with pastel dragees.

Off to the side were the sweet 16 Oreos. Edged in cake lace with a little flower on the side.

Next up, I made RKT. They looked like little lollipops sprinkled with sprinkles!

Pink and white stripe straws were inserted, then packaged and tied with jute.

Over on the back counter, I made chocolate bird nests. Served in a bird bath!

The party was filled with sweets!

And filled with LOVE!


  1. I would love a recipe for the coffee bombs, those sound delightful!

    1. Thank you, I didn't really have a recipe I just put a packet of instant coffee inside the chocolate shell. After placing the coffee bomb in a mug, pour hot water over the top.

  2. It all sounds delightful. Everything is just so soft and beautiful. Perfect for a 16-year-old birthday party. Just beautiful.


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