The Partiologist: Disney Themed Brunch!

Disney Themed Brunch!

If you know me, you know it isn't long before I'm planning another Disney themed party. This party was a Disney themed brunch for MY family!

It. Was. Magical. 

And before we left, I hosted a planning party. Okay, to be honest I probably should have called it a Disney already planned party. Because I had everything planned down to the minute.

Disney Themed Brunch! 

I mean seriously, would I have it any other way? Once it was time for the party, the itineraries were all typed out and given to the guests of honor. Thankfully, they were happy I already had done all the planning. Half the fun is planning, right? Well, maybe a quarter of the fun.

After all the reservations were made, I got started on the table design. Included were the super fun party crackers I had found at Target during Christmas. So I hid them away until the party.

Then I put it all together. Using much of the d├ęcor from the past. Mickey is timeless!

The centerpiece were small photo stands spelling out DISNEY! Topped with foam Mickey ears.

Even her high chair was decked out with Minnie Mouse.

Makes dining that much more fun!

And Minnie Mouse on the side.

Simple and magical. I've used the mouse ear plates for many Disney parties.

I'm sure you're all wondering what I served at this magical party?

Well, besides sweets, I served brunch. Here's the menu.

 Let me mention everything was made by me from scratch. A LABOR OF LOVE.

Mickey Mouse Waffles.

I mean, who doesn't love a Mickey Mouse waffle to start their day?

And added to the menu were the Mickey Mouse pancakes.

It's always a challenge not to overfill the waffle and pancake mold. My first few were very odd shaped Mickey's!

These little Mickey Mac and Cheese bites were made in a Mickey Mouse shaped pan.

Until I had grandchildren, I didn't know where hot diggity dog came from. Now I do and so they were added to the menu.

And magical star shaped salt and pepper shakers!

Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo and your food was seasoned.

Moving to another counter, I added just a few more items to choose from.

Remember this party was for four adults and one toddler. Four hungry adults and one toddler who hardly eats anything.

The red Minnie bowl held Minnie Melons.

And the black Mickey bowl held Mickey Mouse quiche.

And the last bowl held Maple Bacon. Which was toooooo sweet. 

Note to self...this was too sweet! LOL

Speaking of sweet...I have a boatload of surprises for dessert and take home treats.

For now, let's savor the moment...The Mickey Moment!

Disney Supplies HERE


  1. Such a fun party! Those Mickey Mouse picture frames made such a festive centerpiece for the table. I love the idea of spelling out a name like that. You are so creative!

    1. Thank you Beth, we had a fun day! And those photo frames have been used on many occasions! :)

  2. Everything is absolutely adorable! How could you not want to head to Disney immediately following your brunch? What a fun idea!

    1. Aww, thank you so much! It wasn't long before we were off to the Magic! :)


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