The Partiologist: Silver Snowflake Christmas!

Silver Snowflake Christmas!

It's like a Christmas miracle...another blog post! I really wanted you to see the sparkling silver snowflake Christmas theme table I created for my family a couple of years ago. I'm done with glitter, but sparkle? Count me in!

Silver Snowflake Christmas! 

It's usually beginning to look a lot like Christmas in August. That's when I start getting things out I want to use for my dining table. I actually set it up and take photos, then I know what I'll need to add to it.

And I didn't need much. I had most everything, just waiting for the perfect celebration.

I found the snowflake charger plates that I thought would look great under the snowflake plates.

Do you see the snowflakes? 

And yes, as a matter of fact I had silver snowflake napkin rings. And silver napkins and table runner. 

And the beautiful crystal Christmas trees, gifted from my grandma who passed away one month before her 106th birthday. I love the memory of the trees!

The beautiful snowflake salad plates were what inspired the table setting.

I had the white dinner plates with silver trim.

Now lets move along to the island. The place for a few desserts and snacks.

More silver. More snowflakes.

A little indoor snow. No shoveling required.

The tree in the middle is collapsible! Yes, remove the center rod and it folds flat!

And the center display was created!

Festive fruit cups with a crystal snowflake party pick!

And snowflake marshmallows for topping the hot chocolate.

Individually packaged to take home because I didn't make any hot chocolate. LOL

Cornbread muffins were served on tiny snowflake cellophane paper.

When I run out of things to add to my table, I usually add chocolate covered almonds.

Yep, it looks like I needed one more thing to fill a bowl.

Chocolate pistachio cranberry bark was planned. Because it's a favorite.

You know what's another favorite?

Chocolate coconut macaroons! I don't know if anyone loves them more than me.

Gingerbread snowflake cookies. I needed to use a cookie recipe that would hold the shape and show the design. YES! This was it.

Shrimp cocktail served in a vase filled with ice, then a tiny bowl holding the cocktail sauce. None of this was made to serve shrimp cocktail. But then again, most everything I repurpose. On purpose.

Do you see the sugared cranberries? Maybe I'm the only one who likes them, but I make them every year.

And this year I added sugared almonds. I like those too. Maybe I shouldn't make so many things I like, because guess who eats the leftovers? Let me give you a's not my husband.

Let's move on over the celebratory counter. 

Champagne flutes embellished with beautiful snowflakes. Well, if you look closer...window cling snowflakes!

Beautiful, right?

And to fill the flutes, sparkling apple juice.

But I can't end without showing you the dessert. No, the island was filled with desserts not for after dinner but to snack on throughout the evening. There needed to be a showstopper dessert.

This year I decided to try to recreate bourbon bread pudding. With a beautiful presentation.

The bread pudding was warm, placed on the dessert plate and topped with ice cream.

If you want to make a chocolate dome yourself, follow the instructions HERE.

As fast as I could, I placed the chocolate dome over the ice cream and pudding and served it to my family. 

Because everyone had hot caramel sauce to pour over the dome.

And all I can say is YUM.

Now you know why I start planning my Christmas dinner in August.

It's a labor of love and I LOVE every minute of it!

Wishing you and your family a Very MERRY Christmas!

The Partiologist


  1. Such a gorgeous table and so many fun ideas. I have got to use your idea for adding small window clings to glasses. That is genius! Your bread pudding dessert was definitely a show stopper. It looks amazing.

    1. Thank you Beth, you have got to try the window clings, so fun! And thanks, the dessert was a fun one! ;)


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