The Partiologist: Pink & Green Birthday!

Pink & Green Birthday!

Well, if anyone was paying attention to one of my previous posts -
(Mable & Molly's Birthday) then you guessed right -
the "Peek Inside the Party" is a shower curtain turned tablecloth!  I'm still planning to patent that idea and make millions!  But in the mean time, here's what you've been waiting for...
This next party was a birthday for a friend who turned 40, and she's much older now...does that mean I'm much older too?? I was able to have the party on the actual day of her birthday, which I think is always fun.  It was another simple brunch and in the process I have learned a lot about party planning.  One of the first things is always take more than enough photos.  I didn't take any close up photos of the food, cookie favors, counter d├ęcor, flowers etc.  I had no idea I would be using them on a blog, then again, I had no idea what a blog was! 
 At least I have a few photos of the table to show you~
I remembered her say that some of her favorite colors were pink and green.  So when I saw this shower curtain, I knew I had to buy it and add some pink ribbon.  Just make a loop and pull it through~
 Trim the ends of the ribbon so there is a clean cut, and there you have it~
This was the first time I used my shower curtain/turned tablecloth idea~
Notice my white dishes??  I used them ALL the time and they have been the best investment ever and really, they were not an investment at all.  I bought them at the dollar store and have used them more than any other dishes I own, including my Vietri!!  One thing I try and do is always use cloth napkins for a sit down luncheon or dinner - here I used bright pink paper napkins.  They work, but not what I would do now.
Although, when cleaning up, paper napkins sound like a good idea!  :)
Then each place had a cookie favor - these were some of my first cookies, so don't look too closely.
Each tied with sheer pink and green ribbon~
How about one more view of the table?
I used a few stems of Gerber daisies, filled the vase with water and glass rocks.
Since I have had so many parties, I really needed a way to store my tablecloths that I wouldn't be using very often - like this one.  So I purchased some sweater bags and zipped them away! 
Now they'll be nice and clean for the next use!
I hope you have enjoyed this party and maybe even use some of the ideas! 

More Parties to Come!


  1. Kim - You are the most creative person I know!

  2. Amazing! Becky Abbott


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