The Partiologist: Push Pops - Day 10 - Bread Pudding

Push Pops - Day 10 - Bread Pudding

I hope you're not getting bored with my Push Pops, ten days ago I thought this was a good, well I've got to finish what I've started!  So here you have another Monday all wrapped up in a Push Pop. 

Bread Pudding Push Pop

I also found this very fun wrapping of quarters on Martha's website and I think I might just do this later on.

So if you want to make candy wrapped quarters later like I am, here's the instructions~

1. Cut a rectangle of striped wrapping paper on the bias, making it large enough to enclose the roll. Wrap roll, secure overlap with double-sided tape, and fold in ends. Or add decorative stripes with quilling paper (available at crafts or stationery stores): Wrap roll first in plain paper, attach quilling strip with double sided tape, wind tightly around roll in a spiral motion, and tape end.
2. Wrap decorated rolls in cellophane, twist ends, and attach tags with yarn.
I needed it to fit my push pop theme so I started with this~
Really I wish it had turned out cuter, like it did in my head! 
It was just too easy to think it was cute!
Not my favorite Push Pop, but I really liked the cookies~
My mini "Bread Pudding" cookies!
And just for you~
Fill it with gumdrops!

And why not wrap it up like the quarters??
 Cute Huh?

I hope I'm Making Spirits Bright!


  1. All of these are really cute. I wish you'd do tutorials on how you make your beautiful cookies. They look so festive and fun to eat.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the little tag on the push pop and also the push pop. What a creative way to give someone money. I had someone on my list that I now know what I will be giving him! Thanks!


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