The Partiologist: Push Pops - Day 11 - Christmas Lights

Push Pops - Day 11 - Christmas Lights

Hang with me just a little bit longer, we're almost there!  I decided to create a Cristmas Tree Push Pop, in honor of all the Christmas trees I see popping up everywhere!  Sorry...   And then only one day left in my Twelve Days of Push Pops! 

Christmas Light Push Pop

Don't worry, I have so many more visions of things dancing in my head - and not just sugar plums! 

I started with the green scrapbook paper that I had used for the Elf,  and a mini string of Christmas lights.

Super Simple!

Here are the cookies I made to go inside.

I tried to mix some fondant the same color and the paper and added some silver edible glitter and chocolate covered sunflower seeds. 

Hope you like!

Now here's the alternative!

Fill with mini M & M's! 

I think it would have looked better if I had picked out the brown ones and ate them. 

I don't think they make brown Christmas lights!

I'm always Merry, but sometimes not so Bright!


  1. Very Cute! I can't wait to try these.

  2. Once again....very cute idea!

  3. Believe're bright! Colorful idea - love it! Cheeron!!!

  4. You're ALWAYS bright!! Adorable little cookies inside. Genius to use choc seeds as lights!!! See how BRIGHT you are???

  5. I think this one might be my favorite. They are all so cute, but for some reason just love this one!


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