The Partiologist: Nautical Party - Part 3

Nautical Party - Part 3

Time to get everyone on board for dinner.  A fabric sail was perfect for the table, along with so many other Nautical Themed D├ęcor!

Nautical Dinner Party Table

And we all loved our little sailor hats hanging on the chairs.

Another view.

It took a while, but I was able to find some cloth napkins that matched the sail perfectly!  (When I'm on a mission, I don't stop until it's conquered!) 

I purchased cording to tie the napkins. 

The little sea shells off the the sides of the plates held homemade sea shell shaped butter.

This is the bottom of the sail.

And the top of the sail.

A while back my mom gave me some spice jars she had and I used them for the place cards.

I found some corks that fit the top, filled them with sand and seashells. 

Then I made a sail on the top with business cards, printed out the names and tied a little ribbon to the top.

Our Nautical Themed Dinner Menu.

Don't you just love how I named all the dinner items to go along with the theme?

But, this takes the cake....I mean really, this takes the CAKE!

You want to see closer?

Even closer yet?

Yep, it even tastes better than it looks.

The chocolate swirls are topped with sea salt and I made little chocolate anchors to sit on top.
What is this delicious creation you wonder?

Chocolate Layer Cake with Fleur De Sel Caramel Filling...and yes, I am going to share the recipe.

I don't drink wine, but when I saw this bottle, I just had to buy it to go with the layer cake!

And after all this, I treated my guests to a couple of take home favors.

First, homemade Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels.

Last, but not least I had to create Nautical Themed Sugar Cookies.

And to think, all of this because of a dress... 

I hope you enjoyed the Sunset Dinner Cruise!

You might just want to stay on board - the cake recipe is coming!


  1. Okay, so exactly how many YEARS in advance do you start planning your parties...I can't even imagine collecting/executing all this in less than at least two, lol! I am sure your friends are positively giddy when one of your invites shows up in the mail...if I ever need party ideas, you are definitely going to be my go to gal!


  2. Really cute Kim!
    Just wondering do we ever get to see the dress that started it all ????

  3. The cake and cookies look amazing!!
    Your tables are alwas so creative, loving this party theme!

  4. Your party is truly amazing! What talent you have!

  5. Loved the GORGEOUS cake!!! Thanks for the close-up shots, I wanted to see the cute little anchors! What a super fun party!

  6. Love everything, totally inspiring presentation, awesome!!!

  7. Yes, I'll have to bring out the dress! As far as planning for the party, I have several parties in the works (my storage bins) right now! Whenever I see something that I might use for an upcoming party idea, I buy it and put it in that party bin!

  8. My dear, you are amazing and crazily talented and creative! I love everything!!

  9. Love all the tips on the Nautical themed party! Thanks for the great ideas.

  10. You have an endless source of ideas.....and fun!!!


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