The Partiologist: Nautical Themed Party - Part 2

Nautical Themed Party - Part 2

Shall we 'DIVE' into more of my Nautical Themed Party??
Coming into the kitchen the guests were not only greeted by banners, my counters were filled with appetizers and drinks.

Nautical Appetizers

This is it before the appetizers were added.

Nautical Candy.

Lifesavers, Boston Baked Beans and Chocolate Sea Shells.

Now let's add some food.

Another view.

How about Captain and Coke?

Someone was wearing this by the end of the night...I won't say who!

Votives to welcome my guests.

Man Overboard Margaritas - Oooops, no photo after I decorated and filled them!

I even decorated the Powder Room.

More to come, so...Anchor Down!


  1. love the decorations on the captain and coke glasses! so cute!!

  2. AMAZING so far...can't wait to see the rest!

  3. Awesome, as always! Would be great for a Bon Voyage party!


  4. What a lovely setup! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  5. What a fun theme! and that frozen hot chocolate looks amazing!


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