The Partiologist: Spice Jar Labels

Spice Jar Labels

I know it's a Holiday and you probably thought I would have something fun to do today.   Most of you might be out climbing mountains or laying on the beach somewhere.  You might even be firing up the grill (my grill is firing up, I just don't know what restaurant yet), but for those who are home and want to make the most of a day off, this is for you.

I really like things to be organized, and it doesn't stop with my spice jars.  Everything is easier to find and put away if it is organized.  If I had found this clip art from Martha years ago, it may have saved me some money.  So tell me, who doesn't find organizing their space cabinet exciting?

Organized Spices

Yes, they are all the same brand with the same lid...and they are alphabetized.  When they become empty, I just buy more of the spice and refill the jar.
 A while back when my daughter was baking in my kitchen and I was not home.  She used the last of the spice in one of the jars and to my disbelief, she THREW the empty jar away.  Can you believe that someone would throw an empty spice jar away... one that had a matching lid to all the other spice jars????  I was devastated and then went out on a replace the spice with another jar exactly the same.  Well, someone must have told the McCormick Spice company what I was doing, because they messed with me and changed all the lids and labels.  And that only left me with one choice...
Don't worry, I did not throw out all the other full jars that I could no longer match, I sent them home with my daughter - for her to use and refill.  (Maybe she knew that would happen...hmmmmm)

Anyway, here are the labels from Martha in case you want to have matching jars~
You will need one 8 1/2-by-11-inch sheet of self-adhesive paper, a straightedge, a utility knife, and scissors.

1. Download the labels and print them onto self-adhesive paper.
2. Using a straightedge and a utility knife, cut out the rectangular labels; cut out the round labels with a pair of scissors.
3. Peel the labels from their paper backing and carefully affix them to your spice jars.
I hope you have a very Organized Holiday!


  1. Oh boy, I'm so jealous. I can't imagine how much that must have set you back. I just about flipped when I saw how much just one spice was the other day.

  2. Your daughter is so lucky! A whole new spice set (minus one!).

  3. LOL! I too like to be so organise but never got it to as good as yours! :) Now you motivate me!

  4. WHat a gorgeous photo!!! I love it.
    I have to admit I hate organizing spices, but glass jars are the best way to store them. I love the labeling.♥

  5. Where did you happen to buy your spice/spicejars at? I am wanting to do this! ;)

  6. sheesh. I thought I had a lot of spices. I have those little glass jars, but I just use a p-touch to label them. Those Martha labels are much prettier!!


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