The Partiologist: Fun with Gum!

Fun with Gum!

I really didn't know what to title this post, Fun with Gum or Good Ideas Gone Bad.  You know, when you have this great idea in your head and then when you go and try to make it, it looks like crap?  Sorry, about the language, but I've spent the last two days trying to make a little gumball machine.  Let's just say I don't give up easily and I really need to stop trying when it doesn't work.
The reason I called this post Fun with Gum is because out of all my frustration, I did have a few things that I thought turned out cute and would be fun party favors.

Gumball Favors

 It all started when I found this adorable printable from Angela at Anything But

Here is the link~

I put some jumbo gumballs in a pretzel bag...

Then tied them up.

Next, I thought about making some little round cookie gumballs.

These turned out okay and so I put them in pretzel bags too.

Super cute huh?  I just cut out some round cookies and topped them with colored fondant.

Next in line was a cute little glass jar that I thought I would fill with some gumballs.

Now, it would have been really sad if I would have messed up a jar of gumballs!

I was on a roll...So I decided to make a giant gumball cookie.

The little gumballs are actually Sixlets.

This is when I should have left well enough alone because it was downhill from there! 
Maybe my next post will be "Dumb Gum Ideas"!!  If I get up enough courage to let you see my miserable failures...

Until then...Happy Chewing!


  1. I don't know if you have seen this post or follow this blog.

    Your post reminded me of this one and maybe you can get some more gumball ideas from it. I love what you have done so far. I love all your parties. Makes me want to have a party everyday.

  2. really this is simple and colorful and a fun little concept! I just love how you can take colors and a theme and make it so special with tags and wrappers. Thank you for sharing!

  3. These are soooo cute! I love them!
    Thanks for posting!

  4. Great ideas! They're all so cute, but I REALLY love the giant gumball cookie! Looks professional :)

  5. Absolutely wonderful and creative ideas!! SO very cute and who does not love gumballs? Again, so adorable!

  6. I thought your favors were perfect! What a fun party, too!

  7. Super cute! I LOVE the giant gumball machine cookie! I did see someone make a gumball machine out of a terracotta pot and base, glass bubble bowl spray paint, and a wooden knob. It looked really cute. Does this mean there is a gumball or candy party in your future we get to enjoy!?!?

  8. Thank you all for your comments! I just visited the blog where they made the machine out of a terra cotta pot - super cute. These party favors are some things I made for my neice for her birthday, so no gumball party for me. However, there is a party coming soon...

  9. I just LOVE your little gumball cookies!

  10. Hi Kim, Your gumball machine cookies are great! What did you use for the cookie cutter? Thanks.

    1. It's a gumball machine shaped cookie cutter from years ago. Here is another one ~


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