The Partiologist: Wonder Fall Party!

Wonder Fall Party!

As you may recall, I promised another here goes!
Again, everything inspires me, from napkins to invitations and that's when I decided to have a fall maple leaf dessert party.  So many Maple flavored ideas!

Chocolate Maple Leaf Cake

Two parties, two invitations.

The return address labels I used were printed from a template I found on

Then I added a little note to the back so my guests would know what was in store.

And you will see - some very yummy chocolate!

So now you can follow this party and use it for any upcoming event you have. 

You know that the first day of Fall is Friday!!!

After all the party photos, I'll give you a step by step guide to putting this party together!

First up is my "Dollar" tree.  I call it a dollar tree because it only cost me a dollar to put it together!

After gluing maple leafs on the branches, I added these cookies I made.

Here they are on the tree.

And Gingerbread Acorn Cookies.

Now, moving past the tree and acorn cookies, you'll find another display of goodies.

The napkins and candles.

Happy FALLidays Cinnamon Frappes.

Oh, they were just what we needed.

Notice the leaf doily and felt leaf on each glass.

Yes, please I'll have another!

YUM'S the Word - Maple Cakes.

And I do know they were yummy, I had my share before packaging!

Then I had to make maple fudge.

Yep, made out of everything nice!  (And a little frustrations too - I'll tell you about that later!).

A view from the other angle.

Oh, now you're wondering where is that chocolate?

Don't worry, I didn't forget.

In fact I am excited to show you.

So drum roll please....

My Maple Leaf Chocolate Layer Cake!

All of the leaves are edible - I made them out of chocolate and REAL maple leaves!

I show you how later...

Now I want to show you my fall table.

And a few more photos~

Oh, you'll have to stay tuned to see what these are!

And since I know this gal who makes cookies, I had her come up with these.

Not too exciting, but I filled two little pumpkins with candy and cinnamon almonds.

Now another close up of the cake.

Don't you think it deserves another view?

Each guest had their place card.

And then I just had to use these cute little acorn picks.

To hold a lemon slice!

It really was a wonder FALL party and I'll be posting how I made the treats!

Happy Fall Y'all!



  1. Now THAT'S a wonder fall party!!! Those chocolate leaves are incredible! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I would love to be at that party! Fall is my favorite time of year. Do you think you will ever do a tutorial on how to make your cookies? I can't figure out how you create the little lines from the icing. Please let me know! Thank you!

  3. Looks like a fabulous party!! It all looks so tasty. I love fall and all the colours and textures that come with it. Great job on everything! :)

  4. So much fun! You sure do put a lot of time and thought into making your parties memorable with all the great little details!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Maybe you're the only ones interested in how I made the cake?? Sorry Annonymous, I won't be doing a tutorial on making cookies just yet - I'd hate to ruin Sugar's business! :) (But I will tell you that I pipe on the frosting with a basketweave tip!)

  6. Another fantastic party by my favorite partiologist!! You must think of ideas while you're sleeping, or maybe you don't sleep?! That chocolate cake is amazing. The leaves are beautiful and the cake has me seriously craving something chocolate now! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome ideas with us.

  7. I miss those fantastic parties!!
    Love, Sandra

  8. I so wish I could come to one of your parties! Maybe someday! Until then I'll just enjoy your fabulous blog.

  9. You are INCREDIBLE!!! What a spread!

  10. Wow I would have loved to come to that fabulous party. You did an amazing job and the food....girl you win the prize for over the top everything.



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