The Partiologist: Push Pops - Day 12 - Snowman

Push Pops - Day 12 - Snowman

YEA!  Are you cheering along because it's my final Push Pop idea??  Well, it's not my final Push Pop Idea, but there are only so many hours in a day and I had to stop somewhere.  Most of the time I would save the best for last, but I kept hoping to remake this Push Pop idea. 

Snowman Push Pop

I thought of another way to make it better, but decided you might just need a laugh at the end of this whole thing.  

It all started here.

And really, this shouldn't have been so funny.

But when I put it all together.

It was the Fattest Push Pop you ever did see!

Where is the Snowman's face you might ask?

In the Push Pop of course!!!

And I have another set of cookies to use.

Some fondant button cookies!

And of course I have something for you too.

Christmas Malted Milk Balls! 

Mini marshmallows would even be easier!

Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the 12 Push Pop containers.

Yes, this completes my Twelve Days of Push Pops! 

If you don't hear from me in awhile, please don't worry, I might be in a Push Pop coma!

Merry Push Pops from Me and Softy the Snowman!


  1. I think he is my favorite. Thanks for sharing your talents! :)

  2. aww i waas hoping you were gooing to do a snowman one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it came out great! i check you blog every day lol

  3. I love it! I think this is my favorite and that's why you saved it for last! You knew it would be! You must be having so much fun doing all of these and your brain, I'm sure, is on fire with multiple ideas for what you will do next!


  4. I loved all of them!!! Why stop at 12??? :D

  5. I have to admit I did have to smile...he was the cutest little snowman! Loved it! Thanks!

  6. He is not to chubby, he is adorable. I am so glad you shared all of your push pop creativity with us, wish there were more. It is hard to pick a favorite they were all so amazing. Chubs is pretty cute though. Can't wait to see what you have in store the rest of the holiday season. Love to follow you. from, twobeautifulgirls

  7. Just genius! Every single one is amazing. I posted (another) link over at It was so hard to choose only a few to feature. Love the furry snowman! :) Meaghan

  8. Thank you, Thank you for loving my creations! And for adding them to the edible crafts page!


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